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Adult Acting Classes

Acting Studio Chicago offers a wide variety of acting classes and workshops. Our Core Program is a great place for the beginner or student with a couple of classes under their belt.  For the intermediate or professional actor, admission is determined by headshot and resume or by a placement audition.  Advancement in our classes is dependent upon the consent of the instructor based on prior student attendance, commitment and performance.  

Private Coaching:

Most of our instructors are available for private coaching. One can work on honing new monologues, sharpening on-camera skills, or preparing for specific theater or film auditions. Call the office at 312.527.4566 for more info!

Auditing Classes

We strongly encourage prospective students to check out our traiming by auditing a class. Observation is especially encouraged for the Core Acting Program. If you are interested in sitting in on a class call the studio at 312.527.4566,



New Student Seminar



Level I Introduction to Shurtleff

Level II Shurtleff to Scene

Level III Scene Study/Intro to Auditioning

Level IV Rehearsal to Performance



NEW!Improv for Actors


Voice for the Actor w/Barbara Zahora


Voice with Kate DeVore


Dialects w/Kate DeVore


Stage Combat w/Christina Gorman





Cold Reading


Auditioning for Theatre with Adam Belcuore


NEW!Audition Strategies with Linda Gillum


Cold Reading



Advanced Scene Study


Masters Scene Study


Master Scene Study Class w/Shade Murrary



On Camera I


On Camera II


On Camera III


On Camera IV


Auditioning for Small Roles in Film & Television with Adria Dawn


ASC Cinema Lab w/Filmmaker Stephen Cone


NEW! Comedic FILM/TV Workshop with Matt Miller


NEW! Audition Workshop with Paul Weber


NEW! FILM/TV Workshop with Claire Simon


Beginning Voiceover


Intermediate Voiceover


Voiceover Workout with the Pros


NEW!Voice for Animation and Gaming




Getting Started in the Biz


Voice with Kate DeVore


Navigating Chicago's Theatre Scene

w/Linda Gillum & Erica Sartini-Combs













Kurt Nabig Free Class
Navigating the Chicago Theatre Scene
The relationship between the Actors - Moments of Discovery for the Actor in the Scene - The Actors motivating Importance - Finding the Humor in the Scene during the Audition process - Secrets in Acting - The Moment Before the Scene starts - Mystery in the Scene - Finding the "Opposites" in the monologue
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