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Adult Acting Classes

Acting Studio Chicago offers a wide variety of acting classes and workshops. Our Core Program is a great place for the beginner or student with a couple of classes under their belt.  For the intermediate or professional actor, admission is determined by headshot and resume or by a placement audition.  Advancement in our classes is dependent upon the consent of the instructor based on prior student attendance, commitment and performance.  

Private Coaching:

Most of our instructors are available for private coaching. One can work on honing new monologues, sharpening on-camera skills, or preparing for specific theater or film auditions. Call the office at 312.527.4566 for more info!

New Student Seminar



Level I Introduction to Shurtleff
Level II Shurtleff to Scene
Level III Scene Study/Intro to Auditioning

Level IV Rehearsal to Performance


Voice and Movement w/Tom Wells

Voice with Kate DeVore

NEW! Dialects w/Kate DeVore





Cold Reading


Auditioning for Theatre with Adam Belcuore


Auditioning for Small Roles in Film & Television with Molly Glynn


Rock the Indie Film Callback w/Stephen Cone


Cold Reading




Advanced Scene Study


Masters Scene Study-Returns March 2015


NEW! Master Scene Study Class w/Shade Murrary



On Camera I

On Camera II


Advanced Camera Skills for the Professional Actor

with Janelle Snow


ASC Cinema Lab w/Filmmaker Stephen Cone


Auditioning for Small Roles in Film & Television with Molly Glynn


Rock the Indie Film Callback w/Stephen Cone


Webseries Development Showcase

w/Kenneth Yoder


Pilot Workshop w/Matt Miller


Beginning Voiceover
Intermediate Voiceover

Voiceover Workout with the Pros-It's Back!

Intro to Audiobooks w/Adam Verner




Getting Started in the Biz


Voice with Kate DeVore


Navigating Chicago's Theatre Scene

w/Linda Gillum & Erica Sartini-Combs


Strategies of Success 1 Day Workshop

w/Gail Rastorfer and Courtney Rioux







Kurt Nabig Free Class
Master Scene Study Class with Shade Murray
The relationship between the Actors - Moments of Discovery for the Actor in the Scene - The Actors motivating Importance - Finding the Humor in the Scene during the Audition process - Secrets in Acting - The Moment Before the Scene starts - Mystery in the Scene - Finding the "Opposites" in the monologue
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