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Teen/Kids Acting Classes

Our classes are designed for young actors who are passionate about the craft of acting and are ready to be challenged.  Our teachers are working actors and directors and are pleased to bring their expertise to the younger actor. 

Private Coaching:

Most of our instructors are available for private coaching. One can work on honing new monologues, sharpening on-camera skills or preparing for specific theater or film auditions. Call the office at 312.527.4566 for more info!



Grades 3-5

Grades 6-8

Grades 9-12


10 week On Camera, Grades 3-5

10 week On Camera, Grades 6-8

10 week On Camera Grades 9-12


Voiceover Workshop with Deb Doetzer and

Jeff Lupetin, Ages 10-17


Monologue- Ages 12 & Up


Stage Make- up Ages 10 & Up

1 WEEK SUMMER PROGRAMS-Return Summer 2015

Kids Summer Program, Grades 1-3

Kids Summer Program, Grades 4-7

Teen Summer Intensive, Grades 8-12

CLINICS FOR TEENS-Returns Summer 2015

Summer Audition Clinic

2 Week Summer Conservatory










Kurt Nabig Free Class
Master Scene Study Class with Shade Murray
The relationship between the Actors - Moments of Discovery for the Actor in the Scene - The Actors motivating Importance - Finding the Humor in the Scene during the Audition process - Secrets in Acting - The Moment Before the Scene starts - Mystery in the Scene - Finding the "Opposites" in the monologue
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