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This class is an intensive scene study with a focus on analysis of punctuation, scoring, and language in contemporary works. The class will give students tools for a quick analysis of a scene to be used in a cold audition as well as more in depth approaches to decode meaning and instruction embedded in plays. Though beginning on the page, the class will be largely "on our feet" and engaging the actor's body as well as mind in analysis. 

Special Note:  A playwright will join the class and offer insight and feedback from a writer's perspective during one week of the class.

Required: Strong theatre background and training, determined by headshot and resume and/or placement audition.  

Tuition: $350


There are no classes currently scheduled.

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"Marti (Marti Lyons, Instructor- Script as Score with Marti Lyons) has an inclusive and highly collaborative way of working with actors. I always love her generous spirit and sense of humility, often stating, 'I'm interested to know if XYZ would work here' or 'you are totally on the right track and you illuminated something here that I didn't necessarily see before!' These are the kinds of things you hear Marti Lyons saying in class and it inspires the best, most magical work from actors. She also exposed us to such exciting plays with richly drawn characters and plenty of conflict so watching others' scenes was intense and rewarding. Marti gave us all really great tools!"

— Laurie Carter Rose


Look Who's Working!


ASC alum Isaly Viana recently performed with Urban Theatre Co., just booked a commercial and was cast in An Xmas Cuento Remix at 16th Street Theater, performing through Dec. 2019. Go Isaly!