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Adult Intermediate


Designed with our core students in mind, our online beginning monologue course is ideal for those looking to start or expand upon their arsenal of audition material. Throughout this 4 week course, you will learn tips and tricks to source your own monologues - pieces that are unique, exciting, and show off your dynamic range. Using these pieces, in conjunction with Shurtleff’s 12 Guideposts, your instructor will guide you through the process of:

  • Breaking down your text in order to find strong actions, dramatic build, and direct storytelling.

  • Creating a clear and specific imaginary partner to help inform your choices.

  • Keeping yourself grounded in the room and using the entire space to your advantage

At the end of this course, students will have 1 new polished piece in their back pocket to present to agents, casting associates, and directors.

Required: Level 3 Scene Study or equivalent prior training/experience.

Students must have dependable internet access, as well as a computer/cell phone/tablet with a working camera and microphone.

Tuition: $195

4 weeks

Upcoming Classes

Wednesdays, 6:00p-9:00p

Starts April 13

This class has a pre-requisite: LEVEL 3 SCENE STUDY: IN PERSON.

If you have the equivalent experience...

Sarafina Vecchio

As an actor and teaching artist for nearly 20 years, Sarafina brings her passion and fearlessness to the table.

More about Sarafina



Sarafina (Vecchio — Beginning Monologue: Online) kept the class engaged and kept the class interesting. Even on Zoom, we still managed to feel connected. A great part of that connectivity was the instructors energy.

— Sharone Brown

Sarafina (Vecchio — Beginning Monologue: Online) is amazingggggggg! I love her so much. Very insightful and beautiful soul. She's herself and I love that about her.

— Marshelle Sanders

Sarafina (Vecchio — Beginning Monologue Online) is a joy and I'm so grateful for her dedication to our success and her open approach. This is my second class with her and she is kind and inclusive and incredibly supportive of everyone in the class. She has a real skill at making people of every skill level feel like they are making progress, and as a result, I've seen improvement in myself and everyone else in the class. While not soft-pedaling how difficult the industry can be, she still makes work and life and the theater and the business feel achievable with hard work.

Another thing she did so well in this class, and much appreciated by me, was to give really great monologues that matched her understanding of me and reflected not only my type, but my preference for the kind of monologue I wanted to explore. She even sourced the original play when I couldn't find it. I wish to be more like her in classes I lead.

— David Wright

Her (Sarafina Vecchio — Beginning Monologue Online) feeback was well constructed. She knew when to compliment us and when to criticize so that we could get the most out of each moment. This has been the best acting class I have taken yet.

— Stephen Jackiw

Sarafina Vecchio is such an amazing teacher and warm person. I took both Level 3: Scene Study Online and Beginning Monologue: Online with her and I felt every time motivated to do more and be more.

— Adriana Belan


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