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Pilot Prep

Pilot Prep

 Pilot season is right around the corner - are you ready?

Your episodic audition game is on point but you want to be ready for those bigger roles, those bigger opportunities - and pilot season is right around the corner! With lots of material and limited time, how do you maximize your prep?

This 5 week intensive will focus on how to make smart, strategic choices that serve the scene AND showcase what is special about YOU. Each week you’ll prepare a different set of sides from a variety of genres and view playback with the goal of elevating your creative confidence in the casting room.

- Learn how to meet the heavy emotional demands of high drama copy

- Explore creating an imaginative world for fantasy and sci-fi sides

- Figure out how to find the funny and bring your unique sense of humor to the comedy scenes

- Train your brain to find the clues in the breakdown to build your character to fit the script

Required: Completion of On Camera 2 or equivalent training determined by headshot and resume and/or a placement audition.

Tuition: $325

5 Weeks

Upcoming Classes

Thursdays, 1:00p-4:30p

Starts November 30
NO CLASS December 28th

This class has a pre-requisite: ON CAMERA 2.

If you have the equivalent experience...

Janelle Snow

Janelle is a graduate of NU and Harvard and has been active in our acting community for over 2 decades.

More about Janelle

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ASC On Camera 3 alum, Matthew Collins booked an episode of Chicago Fire.