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Pilot season is right around the corner - are you ready?

Your episodic audition game is on point but you want to be ready for those bigger roles, those bigger opportunities - and pilot season is right around the corner! With lots of material and limited time, how do you maximize your prep?

This 4 week intensive, with Casting Director A. J. Links  will focus on how to make smart, strategic choices that serve the scene AND showcase what is special about YOU. Each week you’ll prepare a different set of sides from a variety of genres and view playback with the goal of elevating your creative confidence in the casting room.

  • Learn how to meet the heavy emotional demands of dramatic copy
  • Figure out how to find the funny and bring your unique sense of humor to the comedy scenes while staying real and grounded
  • Train your brain to find the clues in the breakdown and given circumstances to build your character

Required: Completion of On Camera 3 and headshot and resume. 

Tuition: $295

There are no classes currently scheduled.

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Look Who's Working!


ASC faculty member Sarafina Vecchio booked a voice over for a 10 episode narrative podcast.