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Adult Workshops

The Practical Pursuit of Artistic Dreams - An Evening with Esteban Andres Cruz

To apply for this in-person workshop, proof of full Covid-19 vaccination, including booster, is required. Make sure to upload a pdf of your card before submitting your application. 

Please review our Health & Safety page for more information on uploading your Vaccination Card and current C.D.C. guidelines.

A Practical Approach to Artistic Dreams ~ 3 Hour Workshop

Dreams aren’t dumb;  the pursuit of our dreams only brings us closer to our true divinity.  Dreams are a fundamental part of our human existence and beyond essential, for an artist. 

  •    Using a practical application of Manifestation, Intentionality, and Goal Setting, Esteban will share their approach toward attaining goals and working towards your dreams.  
  • The second part of the lecture deals with the topic of living and working in LA, Chicago & New York.  Many have opinions about it, but few have done it.  

  •  The third part of the evening will open up for a Q & A session.  Stay afterward for conversation, sparkling soda water, and light snacks.  

Working on the plays of Stephen Adly Guirgis, I knew I had found my Shakespeare.  It started in 2005 I think, auditioning at Steppenwolf for Our Lady of 121st Street.  I knew all I wanted to do was keep working on his plays.  Every time I inhabited a new Guirgis character-it felt like it had been written for me.  Things solidified with Cousin Julio in a production of Motherfu**er with The Hat with Cygnet Theatre, in San Diego.  So I dreamed my dream, applied myself, and worked towards my goal.  Fast forward 10 years and I found myself in NY surrounded by my heroes and originating a role in a play by Stephen, in my Off-Broadway debut with his company; the LAByrinth Theatre Company at The Atlantic Theatre.”   

Esteban’s ambition is to help artists heal by leading them towards a healthier alternative to the tropes of “starving artist”, “workaholic” or feeling like “a dime a dozen” as an actor.  Their perspective is unapologetically brown, queer, and disabled.

Tuition: $35

3 Hour Workshop

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