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Have you ever wanted a low-pressure and casual way to pick a working actor’s brain about topics such as: how they calm audition nerves, what their script analysis process is like, or how they got their first agent? Now is your chance! 

ASC Coffee Meetups provide our beginning students the opportunity to enjoy virtual coffee and conversation with a working actor from one of our professional level classes. For students just beginning their acting journey, these virtual Coffee Meetups provide the perfect opportunity to ask questions, gather advice, and form a professional connection with someone who is an active member of the Chicago theatre community.

We work to create meetup matches that are based on our students’ interests, personalities, and artistic goals. Once your match is made, you’ll get an email introducing you to the actor you will meet for virtual coffee. The two of you will then find a mutually agreed-upon time to meet and chat via Zoom, Facetime, or phone call.

We’re so excited to offer our students the opportunity to participate in an ASC Coffee Meetup. We know it will help all our actors expand their understanding of the craft, learn more about “the biz”, and find joy in fostering a sense of ensemble and community.

Feedback from our first ASC Coffee Meet-ups!

“The ASC actor meetup program introduced me to a new friend in the business, and by sharing our experiences we both gained new information and insight about our community, business, and the people behind it” – Elodie Senetra

“It was a helpful reminder that wherever we are on this journey as actors and creators we all have something that can be helpful or supportive of another in the same journey. A reminder that the road is long and we are not alone.” – Jasmine Cardenas

“I enjoyed connecting with someone to explore how their careers evolved, how ASC helped them, and being able to learn from someone who is working. It was a great conversation!” – Student Participant

For more information about the ASC Coffee Meet-Ups for our Beginning Level Students please email us at info@actingstudiochicago.com.

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