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Meditation for the Actor with Henry Bolzon

“The Present Moment”

We are pleased to begin offering free, weekly meditation instruction for actors. Teacher Henry Bolzon welcomes all levels of experience. Current and past students are encouraged to add this practice to their actor “toolbox.” 


Each session will consist of:

  • 20 minutes of Instruction
  • 25 minutes of sitting meditation
  • 15 minutes of discussion

Meditation is something we do naturally.  We meditate all the time. The trick is noticing.   Meditation is a practice.  With practice we learn to settle and calm our mind, so that we can view the world with clarity.  It is important to establish a practice. With gentleness and patience we train the mind to settle. We set aside some time during our day to take care of ourselves. To sit with ourselves and see what comes up. 


As actors we prepare a role by rehearsing. As humans, we practice meditation by sitting with ourselves. Our neurotic mind wants to be entertained constantly. Some benefits include: calmness, clarity, wakefulness, better sleep, and the feeling of being less stressed. For actors, finding more focus and relaxation benefits both the audition process and the ability to stay present on stage. Meditation is about integrating a practice into your everyday life.


Thursdays 6:30-7:30p

Every Thursday. Begins September 29.  (No class Nov. 24.)
FREE! (Donations will be accepted and forwarded to the Actors Fund and the Inspiration Café)
with Henry Bolzon
If interested, please call the office to RSVP.







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