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8 Tips for A Successful Audition

8 Tips for A Successful Audition

Rachael Patterson, ASC director Audition

by Rachael Patterson, Studio Director

Having a successful Audition doesn’t necessarily mean landing the job. There are all kinds of factors that can affect whether or not you actually get cast. Having a successful audition means you walk into the room and show the people watching you that you’re someone whom they would want to work with. You’re bright, your confident, you take direction and you do it with grace. You might not win the part, but you can always win the room.

1. Use yourself to make choices that will stand-out when you audition. This is not the same as “being yourself.” You must personalize the role, the given circumstances and the images with YOUR history, YOUR intelligence, YOUR sense of humor, YOUR physicality.  Have the courage to stop worrying about “what they want” and focus on making choices you can commit to.

2. Do not seek reassurance/affirmation from the casting director. Know that you are in the right place. You were invited to audition and it is a gift; appreciate the opportunity. Never apologize or ask if your audition was okay.

3. Keep your power in the room.  Remember  when auditioning you are a colleague and a contributor…not a minion or an underling, begging for a job.

4. Do not spend a lot of time worrying about what the director wants. If you do, you won’t be using yourself. (See 1.). However, be open to direction should the director want  to see something different.

5. Don’t try to create a “character.” Character is a concept that will have you making choices that are less than truthful. (See 1. & 4.) Strong Cold Reading Skills can help you with script analysis that will lead you to personal choices.

6. Be Confident. If you’re not feeling it….ACT confident.

7. Enjoy the audition. Your time in the room is all yours. If you’re not feeling it…ACT like your having fun and happy to be there.

8. Go in to win the audition room, not the job. More often than not, you’re not going to get the actual gig (it’s out of your control). But you can win the room which IS in your control.

Get out there, submit and break a leg!

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