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Adult Business for Actors

You have decided to be an actor. Whether you've gone to college or have worked as a lawyer for many years, you have taken Step One. You declare, “I want to be an actor.” This is good. Your family and friends are shocked, but you don’t care. This is your dream. This is what you want to pursue. Where do you start? You start where you are. Start with yourself. You must be happy with yourself. You must have faith in yourself, because if you don’t nobody else will. (Your mother, maybe.) It is a journey.

And then theres the Step Two:

Hone your craft and learn how to nagivate this crazy community, the arts, that you've joined. 

Don't wait around for something to happen, take your career into your own hands. Business for the Actor classes are here to teach you just how to do that. Learn to plan ahead, what steps are next. Headshots? Agents? Resumes? Cover Letters? Career mapping? What's after that? 

We're here for that Second Step. 



Everything you need to know about working professionally in Chicago. June 18

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Get the inside scoop on theatre in Chicago!

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