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Who's Working

Check out what our awesome students, faculty, and staff are up to!

Richard Esteras is on Season 3 Episode 4 of SOUTH SIDE on HBO Max.

Black Theater Alliance (BTAA) Award Winner, Best Leading Actress in a Play for  Ruined with Invictus Theatre. 

ASC Faculty member Norm Boucher booked a radio spot for CDW - both the audition & the session occurring in his home studio!

Brian Plocharczyk recently recorded narrations for Otsuka, MetLife, and Students First, and a demo commercial for Dixie.

Erin Stewart played Pia and Piccarda in The Athenaeum Center's production of Dante 360.

Ryan Satterfeal recently appeared in Chicago Med, now on Hulu!

Erinn Fredin will be guest-starring on Chicago Med Jan. 4th!

Sam Campos is in the ensemble of Tales from the Wandering Wyvern Inn at Otherworld Theatre.

Mike Rogalski portrayed Virgil in Athenaeum Center's multimedia production Dante 360.

David Valenta played Sheldon " Shelly " Moldoff in Mark Pracht's The Mark of Kane at City Lit Theater.