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Is Your Child Ready For A Kids Talent Agency?

Four steps from Chicago’s top agents on how to know when you as a parent are ready to get your child proper industry representation.

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Teens Scene Study

Finding The Best Acting Classes for Kids

5 tips to researching acting classes for kids…and avoiding scams! Are you a parent who has a kid constantly putting on performances for you? Imitating commercials on TV? Have you been the camera operator for your child “vlogging” the next viral video? You don’t have to know the ins and out’s of the entertainment industry in order to find the best acting classes for kids. However, there are a few…

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12 Holiday Gifts for Actors

Looking for the perfect holiday gift for the actor in your life? Look no further! Acting Studio Chicago’s team of expert-actor-gift-givers have compiled the ultimate list of holiday gifts for actors of all levels. 12) Voice and Presence Coaching: As actors, our voices and our bodies are our instrument. Private coaching from a voice coach/speech pathologist is a great way to learn healthy vocal techniques, gain confidence, and take control…

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Find Auditions

Chicago Casting Calls

Where to Look for Auditions in Chicago. Chicago casting calls are plentiful and are certainly picking up more since this time last year. There are at least seven tv shows filming in Chicago and those casting directors are always looking for new talent. If you’re looking to audition for TV, Film, or Theatre work, there is sure to be a Chicago casting call for a project you can submit for…

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Matt Miller Interviews Tim Bagley!

Open up Tim Bagley’s list of TV and film credits and it might just unroll to your feet. Tim Bagley has been working on stage and screen for decades and with good reason: he’s serious about comedy—and acting in general. I met Tim in 2015 on the set of Teachers where he played Principal Pearson and he was kind enough to chat with me recently about his career and his…

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Covid Protocols On Set

What Actors Can Expect On A TV or Film Set During Covid by Chris Agos TV/film production is slowly trying to get back to a normal schedule. For actors returning to SAG-AFTRA TV and Film productions, life on set is going to look very different than it did before Covid. There are a lot of virus-related changes. Masks, testing, face shields, wristbands, and signage are everywhere on set. The industry is employing…

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How To Be Your Own Dialect Coach

Acting Studio Chicago is very fortunate to have Kate Devore as our Dialects and voice training instructor. As a voice coach and instructor, Kate has a ton of valuable information and techniques for maintaining a healthy voice. After all, it’s a huge part of our instrument as actors. Check out the information below for some incredible dialect tips and advice from Kate! How To Be Your Own Dialect Coach It goes without saying that…

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7 Tips To Nail The Co-Star Audition

Got a co-star audition and not sure where to begin? Well, welcome to the right place! These 7 tips will help set yourself up for success so you can nail your co-star audition. 1) UNDERSTAND YOUR FUNCTION IN THE SCENE.  Co-star roles in television, and featured roles in film, are considered functionary roles. A functionary role – you guessed it! – serves a function in the telling of the story….

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Advice For New Voice Actors: Q & A with Brad Grusnick

We asked voiceover expert and Acting Studio Chicago instructor, Brad Grusnick, to share his advice for new voice actors. Check out the Q & A below for Brad’s advice on agents, opportunities in other markets, and how to break into gaming and animation. 1) For new voice actors just starting out in their career, how do you suggest they find voiceover opportunities? Take classes and hone your skills. Too many…

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Getting an Agent: 5 Things To Do Before Submitting for Representation

You’ve taken your fair share of classes, you have some performance experience under your belt, and you’re finally ready to take the next step in your acting career: getting an agent! Before you begin submitting, follow these 5 steps in order to set yourself up for as much success as possible! 5) Do your research All agents and agencies do similar things to help their actors get work. However, each…

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