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I AM EXHAUSTED. 4 Tips On How To Deal With It.

Mid-July 2017: I’m going to be really honest with you guys, I’m not just tired, I’m exhausted. As I write this I find myself fantasizing about my bed and when I can get back in it. My eyes feel bleary. I know I’m grumpy because I lose my patience with inanimate objects. Seriously, guys, I just yelled obscenities at my desk phone. I got angry at a pad of post…

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ASC Summer Acting Camp for Grades 4-7

A few weeks ago, ASC offered our Summer Camp for Kids: Grades 4-7. We love having young students in the studio who are excited about beginning (and for some, continuing) their acting education. Theatre camp teaches our young students Self Confidence, Collaboration, Empathy, Creativity, Problem Solving, Accountability and Risk Taking.  Acting Skills are Life Skills.  Some of the activities our students participated in included: Daily warm ups- physical, vocal, and…

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Need some advice on self-promotion and casting? Actor, Leah Brenner gives some pointers on how to get started!

Season Announcements and Self Submissions My project for the spring of 2017 was to take Adam Belcuore (Casting Director at the Goodman and ASC instructor) at his word: to straightforwardly submit myself for the roles I wanted in each theatre’s upcoming seasons as they were announced. Because I was out of Chicago for much of March, April, and May, I was especially interested in contacting the casting teams of those…

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ASC student, Darryn Glass Shares His Perspective on Repeating Class in: Wash, Rinse, Repeat

Wash, Rinse, Repeat by ASC Student, Darryn Glass Growing up, these 3 words were found on the back of every bottle of shampoo I ever used. The funny thing about these words was their origin.  They were a marketing scheme.  I say scheme because the shampoo industry was looking for a way to increase sales so they created  these simple instructions: Wash, Rinse, Repeat.  Three little words that led to…

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What I Learned From Stephen Cone

What I learned From Stephen Cone by Nicole Lockard Part I: Why I wanted to study with Stephen I first met Stephen Cone when I was a fourth year at Theatre School at Depaul. Rachael Patterson (ASC Studio Director & Acting for the Camera intructor) brought Stephen in as a guest and gave us sides from his films, I think mine was from The Wise Kids. Right away I loved…

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Having a Hard Time with that Audition? Janelle Snow tells us it starts with The World Of The Play.

THE WORLD OF THE PLAY By Janelle Snow Being invited to audition for an on-camera project is always exciting but the limited amount of time given to prepare can make an actor feel like they’ve overslept their alarm and are racing to get out the door, elevating excitement to virtual panic! Having a plan for breaking down the scene can help keep you centered and maximize the hours (or minutes)…

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We had some questions about casting. Casting Director David O’Connor Gave Us Some Answers!

An Interview with Casting Director David O’Connor How did you get into the industry? Oddly, I got into Casting because I didn’t know how to work with actors. I was studying filmmaking and writing and I was planning on going off to direct and produce. LA was my goal in my youth.  I had been wanting to get into this business since I was eight years old. How do the…

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Auditioning Is Hard

Acting Is Hard: 3 Ways of Dealing With The Rejection

Acting Is Hard: 3 Ways of Dealing With The Rejection by Christy Arington We’ve all been there. You’ve auditioned, you got the call back and now you’re on hold for a part that you really want to play and that would give your career a boost. You feel really great about your audition and how you presented yourself in the room. And then the call or email comes a few…

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Why is Stage Combat An Asset? Christina Gorman explains it all!

Why Stage Combat? By Christina Gorman Christina is an actor and fight choreographer, originally from the Hudson Valley region of upstate New York. As an actor, Christina has studied in Chicago and abroad, including the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London, England. She teaches kids and Young Adults acting and stage combat at ASC. Stage Combat. Why do you need stage combat? Not only is it ridiculously fun, it’s a wonderful skill to have in your actor toolbox….

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Becky Keeshin

Embracing the Future as a Graduating Young Actor and Keeping the Freak Outs to a Minimum

Embracing the Future as a Graduating Young Actor and Keeping the Freak Outs to a Minimum By Becky Keeshin So it’s happening. It’s finally happening. I am a Young Actor. As I lay here in bed at 1 a.m. in New York City, awaiting my senior showcase at DePaul and anxiously recalibrating the recent auditions I’ve been on (how could I have taken direction in a different way, what was…

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