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Acting Resume Advice from ASC

As actors, our resumes and our head-shots are essential in our business. If you’ve never had to put together an acting resume before, it can be a bit confusing. Your resume should be helpful and informative, so what kind of information should you include on your resume? What should it look like? What’s a good format? Here are the basics: Your acting resume is always on one sheet of paper…

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3 Benefits Of Being Involved in an Actors Group

The Reality of the Business  Let’s face facts; most actors have a hard time turning ​our ART into our BUSINESS. It is surprisingly easy to fall into that spiral of only working the survival job and convincing ourselves​​ that we‘re too tired, too busy, or too broke, to do the real thing ​we​ decided to make our life’s work. ​We​ lose motivation and​ drive, and without positive feedback or reinforcement; there is a risk we might ​shut down. Yet we all…

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11 Holiday Gift Ideas for Actors

Need some help with the perfect Holiday gift for the Actor in your life? At Acting Studio Chicago, we’ve come up with some Holiday Gift Ideas for Actors (regardless of whether or not they be aspiring, experienced, amateur or professional.)  A Functional Bag that’s also HUGE. – Actors sometimes have to go to work, then an audition, then back to work, then another audition and then to rehearsal. Having a…

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5 Reasons Why Theatre Is Still Important

At Acting Studio Chicago, we appreciate and love all forms of acting, whether it’s for film or television, commercial acting or voice over work. But we especially love the theatre and we believe that theatre is still important. Acting for the stage is an all encompassing process that involves a great deal of collaboration from many different people. We at ASC believe that the art, process and effects of live…

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Actors Rights in Auditions – 6 Guidelines

It’s important that we all remember that as actors and working professionals we have  the right to expect a safe experience and room when we audition. We at Acting Studio Chicago want to make sure that new actors understand what they should expect in these situations. 1 First and foremost, “actors’ rights” mean that all actors should feel safe when auditioning and rehearsing. If at any time during the process…

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Michael Applebaum

For The Love of Acting

For The Love of Acting How I Became An Accidental Actor By Michael Applebaum One of my biggest life discoveries has been learning how many people are drawn to acting that are just like me. Growing up, acting was one of the last things I could ever imagine doing. It was right up there with surgeon and electrical engineer (the sight of blood freaks me out and I am quite…

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Esteban Andres Cruz and Applied Viewpoints

We’re excited to have Esteban Andres Cruz join us at Acting Studio Chicago to teach Applied Viewpoints! We asked him a few questions about his experience and his teaching style. When did you decide to become an actor and where did you get your training? Acting wasn’t much of a choice – it came upon me, as they say. I was one of those-performing-from-the-womb types. My first play was at…

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An Interview with Musical Theatre Actor, Michael Hayden

Becky Keeshin spoke with Award winning, Musical Theatre actor, Michael Hayden to ask him about his thoughts on the profession and teaching ASC’s first Musical Theatre class,  Acting The Song. How did you discover theater and music? How old were you? How was your journey to becoming a working actor?  I discovered it as many of us do. Doing plays in elementary school and then getting serious about it in…

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3 Social Media Tips Every Successful Chicago Actor Needs To Know

To be a Successful Chicago Actor, it not only takes education, experience and a great headshot; it also takes a proper use of social media. It doesn’t matter if you’re a movie star, a seasoned stage actor or a student starting out, you’ve got to have a plan regarding social media. And, since social media and social media platforms change, you’ve got to be able to change too. A) Have…

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When Acting Work Slows Down

When the Work Slows by Darryn Glass “Never stand still. Only stand still enough to learn, and once you stop learning in that stance, move off. Always keep yourself engaged, in theater, in whatever job you can get. If you can’t get an acting job, then go backstage. Or take tickets. But be around actors because that is where you will primarily learn.” ~Ed Asner Sometimes, our acting work slows…

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