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Acting Training Videos

Whether you’re a novice or a pro, you’ll be sure to find helpful acting tips in this collection of free acting training videos! Made by the instructors at Acting Studio Chicago, our free acting training videos will teach you how to create a great self-tape, find the perfect monologue, set up a home voice over studio, and much more!


Actor Will Kinnear Talks with Director Matt Miller.

Acting Studio Chicago alum, Will Kinnear, talks about the evolution of his role as Leonard Bernstein from a one-day co-star to a 12-episode recurring role in EMPIRE. Will shares great advice on navigating the politics of the set, the series regulars, and doing the work.

Actor Gail Rastorfer Talks with Director Matt Miller.

Actor Gail Rastorfer, Acting Studio Chicago alum, talks about her self-tape process and navigating a small role on the feature film set of  BEING THE RICARDOS with director Aaron Sorkin and Nicole Kidman. Fascinating and educational for actors and non-actors alike!

Film Actor Molly Kunz talks with Director Matt Miller

In our latest Acting Training Video, actor Molly Kunz talks with director Matt Miller about working with wild co-stars in her upcoming feature film The Wolf and The Lion.

Work In Progress Star Armand Fields Talks with Director Matt Miller

Showtime’s Work In Progress Star – and Acting Studio Chicago Alum! – Armand Fields talks with commercial director Matt Miller in our latest Acting Training Video!

Making a Commercial: A Director & Actor Talk Shop

In this forty-minute video interview, director Matt Miller and actor Bex Marsh discuss their collaboration on a recent commercial shoot. You’ll see Bex’s callback audition, behind the scenes stills from the shoot day, and the final cut of the commercial. Read the commercial script HERE and then follow along with the video as they share their unique perspectives on the production process. And then follow them on Instagram! @mizz_bexmarsh & @matthew16miller

Self-Taping With Adria Dawn

Join Adria as she walks you through the world of self-taping. From using your iPhone, to handling movement on the lens, Adria offers a variety of tips she hopes you find helpful. 

Monologue Auditioning with Kurt Naebig

How do I choose a monologue? Begin or end it? From bringing props…to dealing with failure and building on successes. Kurt makes it fun while telling you like it is.


Join Natalie Duke, a SOVAS & Emmy Award–winning voice actor. With over 100 audiobooks to her name she specializes in snark, sass, & sarcasm, but can artfully portray a range personalities.

Physical & Vocal Warm-ups For Actors with Sarafina Vecchio

Learn some basic physical warm-ups to prepare your body for performance, followed by simple vocal and breathing exercises to keep you practicing anytime, anywhere!

Voiceover – Getting Started with a Home Recording Set-Up with Brian Plocharczyk.

Learn how to create your own Home Studio on a shoe-string.

An Actor Prepares…For The Business To Come Back With Chris Agos

Chris Agos shares insight into the Top 3 things actors can be doing NOW to make sure they’re in the best position possible when the opportunities return. 

Featured Books:

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4 Audition Tips with Janelle Snow

You’ve been invited to bring your creative talents to a physical or virtual space to audition – hooray! Now what? Before you commit to your specific acting choices, there are some quick key questions you can ask to make sure you’re preparing for the appropriate field of play, in other words, so you don’t bring a football to the baseball diamond!

Plays/Films To Explore & Scene Analysis – Part 1 with Adrianne Cury

Adrianne suggests plays that have become films, and guides you through their significance. Adrianne then takes you through the first half of the 3 page Scene Breakdown for a scene from The Big Funk.

Script Break Down
The Big Funk by John Patrick Shanley: Download File

Scene Analysis Part 2 & Tips & Tricks with Adrianne Cury

Adrianne takes you through the second half of the 3 page Scene Breakdown, including Opposites, the difference between Dream & Fighting For and much more.