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Health and Safety

At Acting Studio Chicago, the health and wellness of our community comes first.

In response to Covid-19, we are continually monitoring the changing CDC guidelines and are updating our protocols as needed. We have successfully welcomed back students for in-person training and will continue to take all available steps to maintain the health and safety of our students and staff.

With our instructors, staff, and all adult students providing proof of vaccination, and all of us adhering to the safety guidelines as set forth by the CDC, we can return with confidence. Our on-line classes will continue to offer accessibility for all students as we continue our commitment to inclusivity for all populations.

We’re working to create safe, carefully sanitized classroom spaces that follow all state and CDC guidelines.

Before Your Class

1) We require proof of vaccination when applying for an in-person class.

  • When applying for a class online, our site will prompt you to upload your headshot and/or resume. Please use that option to upload a jpeg or pdf picture of your vaccination card.
  • Like your headshot and resume, this card will only be viewable to the Acting Studio Chicago administration team and is otherwise completely confidential.
  • We follow the CDC guidelines with regard to Booster Shots. You will not be approved to take an in-person class until we receive proof of vaccination AND booster OR the date of your scheduled booster shot.
  • All J&J Vaccine recipients must show proof of booster. Boosters should occur 2 months after the J&J Vaccine.
  • If you received your second shot of Moderna or Pfizer-BioNTech 6 or more months ago, and have received your booster, we ask that you provide proof of your booster.
  • If you received your second shot of Moderna or Pfizer-BioNTech 6 or more months ago, and have not yet had your booster, we ask that you schedule your booster as soon as possible and tell us the scheduled date. Once your booster is received you must send us a pdf or jpeg of your updated vaccination card.

2) In accordance with CDC guidelines we require masks to be worn before, during, and after your class while in the building at 10 W Hubbard.

Masks may be removed only when performing, as long as students maintain social distance from their scene partner and classmates. If your instructor or scene partner asks that you remain masked while performing, you are expected to follow their instructions.

In the future, if it becomes necessary to protect the health and safety of our community, we will transition in-person classes to online classes. Registering for an in-person class means that you understand and agree that, if necessary, you will complete your in-person class online. There will be no credits or refunds issued to students whose in-person class transitions to an online class due to Covid-19.

During Your Class

1) 10 W Hubbard has made the following upgrades to the HVAC system to ensure everyone’s safety while in the building.

  • Pleated air filters.
    • According to the EPA, pleated filters are much more efficient than non-pleated filters at capturing microscopic airborne particles and successfully filter out even the smallest bacteria.
  • The HVAC has a MERV rating of 13.
    • This is the highest rating for a non-medical building. It is so fine that it traps microscopic viruses and bacteria.

2) Hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes will be provided throughout the studio and in every classroom.

Protocol for Covid-19 Exposures and Breakthrough Cases:


  • Please contact the office, let us know of your exposure, and continue to monitor yourself for symptoms.
  • You should quarantine.
  • Once you receive your Covid test result (5 days after your exposure), please let us know your status.
  • You must continue to quarantine 2 days after your negative test result. 
  • If you continue to remain symptom-free, you may return to the studio


  • Depending on when the positive test occurred, class will either be cancelled or will move online to Zoom for 1-2 classes
  • No actor will be allowed to return to class in person until at least 10 days (for vaccinated actors) have passed since symptoms first appeared AND
  • At least 24 hours have passed since last fever (without the use of fever-reducing medicine) AND
  • Any other symptoms have improved (for example, cough or shortness of breath) OR
  • The individual is cleared to return by a healthcare professional. If you tested positive for COVID-19, but never had any symptoms, it is advised that you isolate for 10 days after the date that your first positive diagnostic (viral) test was taken.

If you have to quarantine, or if you test positive, we will do everything we can to accommodate your missed class time:

  • We will either Zoom you in for your class so you can watch and continue to learn from your classmates and instructor.
  • Or, we will excuse your absences so that you can make up your missed classes in the following term. 

Please DO NOT come to class if you are feeling unwell in any way.  We also HIGHLY suggest that you get tested for Covid if you are under the weather.

Thank you in advance for following these guidelines and helping us ensure the health and wellness of our community. We’re excited to open the studio doors again and welcome actors back into our in-person classrooms!

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