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Word-of-Mouth is our best advertisement. Check out what our students have to say about ASC! 


Echaka Agba was very patient and encouraging. Her positivity, coaching, and scene suggestions (in Level 1) are among the great things I take away from this term with her!

— Mark Fearon

The Level 3 Scene Study Class instructed by Christy Arington was exceptional in providing opportunities to expand the actors' level of character analysis. Ms. Arington is a pure joy and is astute in providing challenging opportunities to expand one's knowledge base while providing necessary support to enable the actors' success. This class comes highly recommended, you can't beat the benefits received!

— Dalvalie Friend

A few weeks ago I booked a co-star on Chicago Fire (Ep 1016)! It was such a wonderful experience and I am so grateful for all my training at the Acting Studio! 

— Cathleen Brumback

Sarah Charipar (Camera 1) was a superb instructor that consistently challenged each student to grow each week. She spent quality time with each student, giving insightful feedback & suggestions after each performance. We performed each assignment as many times as necessary to see real-time progress. I'm very satisfied and have signed up for 2 more classes!

— Cayge Clements

"After a twenty-year hiatus, I am so happy I took your ON CAMERA 1 class with Sarah (Charipar).  My first audition for Chicago Fire led to me being booked as a day player for Episode 13 as Officer Westfall. I’m going to take another class. It was so helpful, especially since I had never done TV."

— Courtney Shaughnessy

Mary Franke (Grades 3-5- On-Camera Technique: Online) is a talented actor and acting coach. She’s taught me so much and is a lot of fun to work with. Mary cheers me on, gives great advice, and is kind. I highly recommend taking a class with her!

— Skylar Gerlach

Adrianne Cury (Scene Study The Fast and Furious Edition: Online) is a badass, even over Zoom! So knowledgeable, so insightful, and hilarious to boot. She picks scenes that both really fit and really challenge you as a performer, and provides specific feedback that was incredibly useful and effective. In class, in rehearsal, and in performance, I felt completely supported by everyone in the (virtual) room!

— Allison Rose Macknick

Jerry (KernionWork in Multi-Cam Comedy: Online) was very knowledgeable and answered any questions that were thrown at him. His feedback and teaching were based on a handful of golden nuggets that were easy to understand and definitely gave us enough to work on. We got to act with each other and practice our scenes in front of each other the way many would be doing now for Zoom auditions anyway. It was great practice, and we learned how to be truthful through comedy.

— Harmony Zhang

He (Jerry KernionNail The Guest Star Audition: Online) talked to us like he knew us for a long time. He took the time with each one of us and was very informative with all the different terms that acting requires

— Cathy Plumb

Jerry (KernionNail The Guest Star Audition: Online) provided clear, thoughtful notes and directives and gave each individual performer focused and generous attention. He was excellent at keeping very focused on the topic at hand, and provided so much insight as to what casting expects to see from their guest stars.

— Michelle Jasso