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Word-of-Mouth is our best advertisement. Check out what our students have to say about ASC! 

I really appreciated the feedback and suggestions for preparing for auditions from Coby. I love ASC! As a matter of fact, a professional actress saw ASC on my resume and said that I'm enrolled in one of the finest acting schools.

— JJ Halloway

The Monologue class with Kurt Naebig was very helpful. Kurt has a vast amount of knowledge from his career and knows how to connect with his students. Kurt picked pieces he catered specifically to me and on the first audition I went on following the conclusion of class I booked a 9 week out of town contract!

— Dustin Rothbart

"Rachael taught my On Camera class at The Theatre School at DePaul University.  I learned so much about the business, how to adjust my skills for the camera and how to use myself."

— Camera 1 Student

"The clarity that the Shurtleff method gave me definitely surpassed my expectations and gave me a definitive method to use when preparing scenes. Sarafina's (Sarafina Vecchio, Instructor - Level 2) feedback was very constructive. I 100% would take another class as well as recommend to a friend."

— Siubhan Stormont

"Adrianne poured her unbounded energy into getting the most from each of us. She pulls no punches in delivering the most candid, constructive criticism, and one can't help but learn from her." (Adrianne Cury, Instructor- Level IV Rehearsal to Performance)

— Joshua Seeger

"Allison was very inclusive and positive. She made the process very safe to push yourself." (Allison Latta, Instructor- Beginning Voiceover)

— Beginning Voiceover Student

"Allison always did a good job of making everyone feel comfortable, and all feedback was helpful and upbeat. I think everyone would agree that Allison has an encouraging and helpful nature."  (Allison Latta, Instructor- Beginning Voiceover)

— Shelley DeHosse

"Kate was a great instructor- I appreciated her approach to dialects and definitely feel like I learned new skills." (Kate DeVore, Instructor- Dialects)

— Dialects Student

"I have always studied the stage so this was a great opportunity to work with the camera. It was excellent to have a casting director instructing the class." (​Matt Miller, Instructor- Comedic Pilot Workshop)

— Comedic Pilot Workshop Student

"Kurt has the uncanny ability to steer you in unexpected and exciting directions with just a few words of guidance." (Kurt Naebig, Instructor- Advanced Scene Study)

— Bryn Packard

Next Term starts May 1st

Look Who's Working!

ASC alum Sigrid Sutter and ASC faculty member Christina Gorman are performing in 3C with A Red Orchid Theatre, directed by Master Scene Study instructor Shade Murray.