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Classroom Policies and Expectations for Youth Students

We want our classes to be challenging, nurturing, and supportive for our youth students. Our teachers work hard to provide dedicated, individualized training. We therefore have the following classroom policies to ensure a positive and professional learning environment.

Classroom Policies

Active participation in class discussions is strongly encouraged. Please keep feedback and class conversation positive, supportive and focused. We believe students learn a lot in watching each other work and in celebrating each other’s successes. Because we consider our students’ experience observing their classmates’ work to be such an important part of your own learning process, we strongly discourage leaving class early. If your student must leave class early, please let the office or your instructor know as soon as you know so that we notify your teacher and they can adjust class accordingly.

Prep Work and Arrival Times

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to class start. Your student can use this time to get focused and ready for class. If students are given an assignment in advance, they will be expected to prepare and be ready by the time they arrive for class. The moments before class are a great time to review what they’ve already done- not to do their initial work.   

Dress Code

We ask that students wear clothes and shoes in which they feel comfortable being physical. Please keep jewelry to a minimum.

Eating and Drinking

Eating and drinking is prohibited during class time. Breaks are provided for eating and drinking, but please pick up after yourself. We do not have a regular janitorial staff, so we ask that students please keep the work space clean for their fellow actors.

Cell Phones, Tablets, and Texting

The use of cell phones and tablets is strictly prohibited in ASC classes as they distract from the work taking place in the room. Students will be asked to turn their phones into the office at the beginning of class and will be allowed to pick them up before leaving for the day. Alternately, students may choose to leave their phones and devices at home on class days.

New Student Acting Seminar at the Acting Studio Chicago

Look Who's Working!


ASC faculty member Charles Andrew Gardner booked a McDonald's Voiceover commercial. He also appeared onstage and, with the Covid19 pandemic stopping live theatre, via streaming in TimeLine Theatre's Kill Move Paradise.