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Commercial Copy

Read the copy below, imagine that you are auditioning for this spot, and then watch the VIDEO HERE about the process from initial casting to the final product. Thank you Matt Miller!

CLIENT: America’s Best 

JOB: :30 TV 

TITLE: “Wedding – Brand – (Free Exam emphasis)”

JOB #: 1NVI1900

Open on a beach wedding reception. We see the bride in her gown and in the background, slightly out of focus, her groom is doing the worm. We cut back to the bride, then, we hear a voice off-screen. 

Owl: You made a mistake. 

She doesn’t turn around but stares off in the distance. 

Woman: You just don’t know him like I do.  

Cut to the owl, and he’s on a table by the wedding cake.  

Owl: No, you paid too much for those glasses. Next time, go to America’s Best- 

He gestures above to an overhead plane flying a banner with our offer. 

Owl (VO): – where two pairs are just $69.95. And you’ll get an eye exam for free.

Woman:  Whoa, eye exam for free?  

The Owl’s mouth is full with food but still manages to answer. 

Owl:  That’s right. F-R-E-E… free!

We see the owl use his talons to scoop some hors d’oeuvres from a nearby plate.

Cut to offer graphics, logo.

New Student Acting Seminar at the Acting Studio Chicago

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Pattama Tongphong booked a SAG Herbal Essence Campain/ commercial!