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Cover Letters for Youth Actors

Are you getting hung up on writing a cover letter for agents? I know lots of actors who procrastinate on applying to agencies because they stress over writing the “perfect” cover letter. You got your headshots taken, you’ve put together a professionally formatted resume, you performed in your school’s last play and taken classes. You are eager to apply to talent agencies for representation….so don’t let the cover letter slow you down.

If you are ten years of age, or older you should be writing your own cover letters in your voice. At the same time make sure to keep it professional, short (no more than a page), and specific. Always address your letter it to a real person at the talent agency you are writing to. “Dear Agent” at the beginning of a letter is a turn-off and just shows you aren’t serious enough to do your homework. Below is an example of a cover letter that you can follow if you’re looking for guidance. Write that letter, do your research, apply to those agents…and break a leg!!


Beckie Ellenwood
C: 123-444-5555 – Email:  beckie123@gmail.com

       ← your photo can go here (This is a photo of the famous French actress Sarah Bernhardt!)

Kandice Rose
Paonessa Talent Agency    

Dear Kandice,    (friendly and professional in tone)

Thank you so much for attending the Audition Clinic Showcase last Friday at Acting Studio Chicago.  It was an excellent opportunity to perform in front of Chicago agents, friends, and family. My piece was from Teeth’ n’ Smiles.  (1st paragraph is a hello)

I am going into my Junior year at Jones College Prep H.S. and look forward to working on more plays as well as continuing my training. I am bi-lingual, take dance classes x per week and love Saturday Night Live. Alex Moffit, who you represent is one of my favorite actors on the show!   I am also seeking agent representation and would welcome the opportunity to audition for Paonessa Talent Agency. (2nd paragraph includes specifics) 

Again, I appreciate your time and consideration. Attached is my headshot, resume, and a self-tape of my monologue!

I look forward to hearing from you! (end on a positive note)

All the best,

Beckie Ellenwood.  (Do NOT SEND until you check for spelling &        grammar errors, AND Typos!)

Now get writing!

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