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3 Social Media Tips Every Successful Chicago Actor Needs To Know

To be a Successful Chicago Actor, it not only takes education, experience and a great headshot; it also takes a proper use of social media. It doesn’t matter if you’re a movie star, a seasoned stage actor or a student starting out, you’ve got to have a plan regarding social media. And, since social media and social media platforms change, you’ve got to be able to change too.

Social MediaA) Have a plan.

B) Be on your toes and change as social media platforms change.


 John DavidSuccessful Chicago Actor Tip 1: Choose one social media platform and be great at it.

Both A and B are good tips, but they are not the tips I want to give you, the Successful Chicago Actor. The most important tip I have for you is to choose one social media platform and be great at it over time. If you’re just starting out and you find that you’re a visual person, you can use Instagram. You’ll have to learn how to use proper hashtags and show “behind the scenes” as well as a few professional fun shots. If you like Facebook, use a Facebook Page, not your own timeline. Twitter’s super great but, just like Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram, you’ve got to get used to posting once a day. Yup! Once a day will build your following.

Successful Tip 2:  Create a digital footprint via a social media platform; so future employers can find you in a Google Search AND use your social media platform to invite people (Your Followers) to watch you in plays and shows.

The second big tip I have for you kind of goes along with “Have a plan.”  You see, as an actor, you’re probably not collecting emails and important contacts such as other actors, directors and techies that you may need in your future. So, hopefully you’re building up a social media following and creating a digital footprint so they can find you. Your digital footprint should be you daily posts that show off you and your work on the social media platform you chose to be good at.

Successful Tip 3: Have your own Website 

And lastly, please get your own website. A simple cheap website with your name, such as, http://Julie-Pinkie-Actor.com would be great. Why have a website? Because you need an online foundation to make your digital footprint real. A website makes you real to prospective employers. A website is where you can write blogs or embed YouTube Videos. Blogs can be shared over and over on Facebook and Twitter! A website is where you can have links out to your Facebook Page, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat ETC. Your website can house a gallery of show pics you’ve been in and link your name to the keywords you choose that you want to be known as, such as: Quirky Chicago Actor or Successful Chicago Actor!

These 3 Tips are for actors who are starting out. Established actors may not even have their own websites nor do they interact on their social media platforms. They can just do their work, post a few pictures on Instagram and their followers will keep growing and stay fans and watch their shows; so long as they keep working. An actor starting out needs to build a following with social media to help connect them with future jobs and directors. Actors with lots of follower can be valuable assets to the plays and film projects they star in because they can invite their follows to watch.

John David on being a Successful Chicago Actor Author, Playwright, Hairdresser, Social Media Expert, Jon-David, has taken many classes at Acting Studio Chicago and has been a guest speaker talking about appearance and social media. His Brands, Mafia Hairdresser Goal Achiever Club and #SalonSpaChat help people “behind the chair” and online. Follow him on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram. MafiaHairdresser.com.

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