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Student Film Information

Get in front of the camera in a Student Film.

Acting in a student film is a great way to build your resume and sharpen your on-camera skills.  You will gain experience and work with the Indie filmmakers of tomorrow.  These film productions can operate under a SAG film agreement, however usually offer no pay.  Your “pay” will be when you get a copy of your work, which you can use to build your reel.  Make sure that the student director/filmmaker agrees to make the film available to you!  If your main goal is to build your film reel, you might consider asking the student filmmaker to sign a simple contract, agreeing to make a copy available to you, by an agreed upon specified date. Good luck!

The following schools have Film Departments where undergrad and/or graduate students make student films. You can contact the Film’s Department Admin office and ask if there is a casting director or a specific person/place to send headshots and resumes for consideration in student films.

Columbia College: Cinema Art+Science.
Phone: 312.369.6700

Northwestern University Department of Radio, TV & Film
Phone: 847.491.7315

The School of the Art Institute Film, Video, New Media & Animation Department

Flashpoint Academy

DePaul University – School of Cinematic Arts
Phone: 312.362.8381.

New Student Acting Seminar at the Acting Studio Chicago

Look Who's Working!


James Mueller was recently cast in the upcoming US premiere of Lord of the Rings: A Musical Tale at Chicago Shakespeare Theater.