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The Reel Deal

The How-To of using Aircheck to create your demo reel. 

by Justin Mobley

You’ve self-taped and booked the job, your scene has finally aired, and now you’re ready to assemble your demo reel. The only problem is you don’t know how to get the footage, and I understand your frustration with the process. Well, I’m here to show you how and tell you where to get your footage. Amazingly, it’s all on Actors Access! Here’s the reel deal.

Justin and young woman.alt=“steak and ale pie”
Justin in Justified City

On Actors Access, you can use their ” Aircheck ” service to get standard or HD-quality clips of all your footage. Conveniently, legally, and quickly. I have used this service multiple times, and I highly recommend it.

Justin Mobley appearing in CHICAGO MED.
Chicago Med

The first thing you have to do is log into your Actor Access account. Second, highlight or click on the “Services” tab in between the “Auditions” and “Contact Us” tabs. Third, scroll down and click on the Aircheck option. On the Aircheck page, you’ll see the breakdown of services and fee options offered to choose from. Here, you can get “Flat Rate Clips”: One scene of your performance in standard definition ($35) or high definition ($45). You’ll receive edited and unedited clips, plus a high-resolution photo (PNG), that you can upload to any platform. This works very well with sites like IMDB.

Power Book IV

After you’ve decided on what service you want, fill out the Aircheck data form and the “Scenes to Upload” section. Here, you must give specific information about where you are within the show or film. For example, the location of the scene, character name, description of the scene, wardrobe, and/ or physical action. You don’t have to fill out all boxes in this section, just make sure you give as much info as possible. Place your order, and you will receive an email confirmation immediately. That’s it! This is a great way to assemble your reels yourself or have someone who can stitch your demo reel together. 

I hope this information is helpful and useful to you!

Justin Mobley is an American actor and ASC alumnus who has appeared on multiple network television shows and feature films. Mobley has directed, produced, and written his own indie films. You can learn more about Justin and his projects at www.imdb.me/justinmobley.