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8 Tips for Finding Great Monologues

8 Tips for Finding Great Monologues by Studio Director Rachael Patterson As an actor there are aspects of your career in which you are in the driver’s seat and many variables that are completely out of your control.  Your training, education, professionalism, work ethic, headshots, resume and monologue selection are variables which you can absolutely control.  And while finding great monologues is essential, finding material that speaks to you, is age…

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How To Rock Your Performance With A Sore Throat

How To Rock Your Performance (or audition) With A Sore Throat!  by Kate DeVore You have an audition at 2:00pm and your throat is sore. You have a performance later that night and you’re worried that you might lose your voice. What do you do? Kate DeVore, a speech pathologist and dialect coach extraordinaire, has some useful tips for helping with that pesky sore throat. Performing When You’re Hoarse or…

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Commercial Audition Advice from a Pro!

It’s All In The Timing Advice for the Commercial Audition by Matt Miller Commercial copy is intensely structured stuff and actors often don’t realize how they can use the structure of the commercial to their advantage when preparing their commercial audition. Fun fact: a broadcast TV commercial—and this is a notable designation as commercials made for the internet do not have the same rules—must fit into a very rigid running…

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Tax Tips for Actors

3 Tax Tips for Actors

3 Tax Tips for Actors from David Turrentine by Adriana Trajkovski   As most actors know, one of the hardest parts of this crazy biz is figuring out how to stay afloat financially while pursuing one’s career;  these Tax Tips for Actors are here to help. Actors need to manage their money and find daytime gigs that have flexibility for auditioning/rehearsing.  One essential part of money management is understanding taxes;…

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10 Tips for Getting Representation

10 Tips for Getting Representation by Studio Director Rachael Patterson Do your homework like a pro & make agents notice!   1. Do your homework. Every franchised SAG-AFTRA talent agency has a website. Read what they’ve written about their agency, then look at the actors they represent. Do you see anyone who looks like your “type?” If you can, look at that actor’s resume and see where they have trained,…

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SELF HELP FOR SELF TAPING 8 Great Tips for Audition Success       by Gail Rastorfer of Artistic Strategies   More and more on-camera casting AND theatres are accepting digital submissions and while it’s preferable that you stroll on over to your agents office(if you have an agent) or a studio(if you know of one) to lay that audition down, a lack of time and resources may not make…

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Audition like a winner!

8 Tips For Successful Auditoning

 8 TIPS FOR SUCCESSFUL AUDITIONING by Rachael Patterson, Studio Director 1. When auditioning use YOURSELF to make choices that will stand-out. This is not the same as “being yourself.” You must personalize the role, the given circumstances and the images with YOUR history, YOUR intelligence, YOUR sense of humor, YOUR physicality.  2. Do NOT seek reassurance/affirmation  from the casting director…KNOW you are in the RIGHT PLACE. NEVER APOLOGIZE. NEVER ASK IF YOUR AUDITION…

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Apps for Actors

5 Apps for Actors

5 Apps for Actors As the owner of Artistic Strategies and as an actor I am constantly on the lookout for apps that help simplify my life.  There are MANY out there…MANY!  But here are my top 5.  Some are free and some you can get for a small fee.  All are well worth it! 1. LINELEARNER : Memorize those lines! For $3.84 you can make memorizing a little easier with this…

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Conflict is the soul of drama.

The Guideposts: Conflict

Guidepost #2  – Conflict by Megan Donahue   The core acting curriculum at Acting Studio Chicago is based on the 12 Guideposts from Michael Shurtlef’s Audition. The concept of Conflict is essential to script analysis.  Having a shared language, vocabulary and philosophy about the actor’s approach to text means that there is a consistency and  a specificity to our training. In this series of posts, we invite our faculty to comment on…

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Kurt Naebig

Faculty Spotlight: Kurt Naebig & his journey from student to teacher.

Faculty Spotlight: Kurt Naebig Actor, Director & ASC Senior Instructor When Kurt Naebig took an improv class in high school, he didn’t know it would change the course of his life. He was a semi-pro skateboarder, he owned a skateboard shop in Oak Park (yes, as a teenager), and acting wasn’t really on his radar. The Chicago actor, director, and ASC teacher thought the class would just be kind of fun;…

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