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Classroom Policies and Expectations for Adult Students

We want our classes to be challenging and nurturing for our students. Our teachers work hard to provide dedicated, individualized training. We therefore have the following classroom policies to ensure a positive and professional learning environment.

The work in most of our classes at Acting Studio Chicago is based on Michael Shurtleff’s book, Audition. This book is required reading for all classes. A thorough understanding of the 12 Guideposts will prove to be invaluable to you during your learning process.

Active participation in class discussions is strongly encouraged. Learning how to watch other actors work and formulate articulate, constructive criticism will broaden and deepen your understanding of your own process. Focus on making your feedback constructive and positive. Avoid talking about symptoms or technical problems. Because we consider your experience observing your classmates’ work to be such an integral part of your own learning process, we strongly discourage leaving class early. If you must leave class early, please let the office or your instructor know as soon as you know so that we can make any necessary adjustments to the schedule for that evening.

Prep Work and Arrival Times:

Many of our classes require preparation outside of class. This helps our teachers maximize the time spent in the classroom.

For Core Levels and Cold Reading Classes: Your scenes for Core Levels and Cold Reading classes are available 1 hour before class starts. Please treat this prep time as you would for an audition and give yourself every opportunity to do your best work. Instructors put a lot of time into choosing your scenes and making appropriate scene partner pairings; therefore, it is essential that we know if you are going to be absent or late. Call our office as soon as you know. If we don’t see or hear from you 30 minutes prior to class start, we will have to reassign your scene.  This is not a punitive measure, it is to protect your scene partner and classmates. In the event that we do reassign your scene, come to class anyway. You will learn a lot from watching your classmates work!

For On Camera, Scene Study, Voiceover, Monologue, Other Classes: Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to class start. Use this time to get yourself centered and ready for work. Relax, go over your assignment, but be ready to begin at the scheduled class time. Latecomers may be asked to wait until the break to be admitted to class. In the event that you are assigned specific scene work for Camera class or anything that may require extra prep time before class, you will be informed at the prior class and given a call time for the following week.

Dress Code

Wear clothes and shoes in which you feel comfortable being physical. Please keep jewelry to a minimum.

Eating and Drinking

Eating and drinking in class is permitted, but please eat quietly and pick up after yourself. Please keep your work space clean for your fellow actors. We do not have a regular janitorial service, so your cooperation in leaving the space better than you found it is greatly appreciated. In accordance with Illinois law, smoking, including the use of e-cigarettes, is prohibited.

Phones and Texting

We wish we didn’t have to say it, but in today’s world… well, we have to say it. The use of cell phones and texting is strictly prohibited in our classes. Phones must remain on silent for the duration of your class. All phones and tablets must remain in your bag during class. There are no exceptions.

It is also not permitted to record audio or video for personal use during of any of our classes.

New Student Acting Seminar at the Acting Studio Chicago

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ASC faculty member Charles Andrew Gardner booked a McDonald's Voiceover commercial. He also appeared onstage and, with the Covid19 pandemic stopping live theatre, via streaming in TimeLine Theatre's Kill Move Paradise.