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We also highly recommend purchasing a copy of Actions: The Actors’ Thesaurus, an incredibly useful tool.

Action Verbs

To punish
To tantalize
To tempt
To annoy
To bridle
To embolden
To gag
To rally
To heal
To beg
To inspire
To dazzle
To doctor
To pay back
To soften
To bend
To mollify
To nurse
To suckle
To compel
To drive
To dragoon
To coerce
To command
To tarnish

To chastise
To titillate
To coach
To solicit
To infuse
To dupe
To revive
To mystify
To restrain
To hoodwink
To soothe
To soften
To honor
To blame
To cradle
To nourish
To nurture
To shake
To clean
To purify
To transform
To reform
To provoke
To induce
To abuse

To castigate
To teach
To court
To enslave
To temper
To settle
To rescue
To save
To rob
To purloin
To tame
To overpower
To conquer
To silence
To deny
To belittle
To vaporize
To evoke
To broaden
To extend
To harm
To maul
To persecute
To smite
To wound

Abuse, mistreat, harm, debauch, curse,
Revile, batter

moderate, soften,
relieve, qualify, satisfy

Beg, entreat, implore, bum, beseech, plead, Fall on one’s knee

Belittle, minimize, dwarf, underrate, undervalue, disparage, deprecate, degrade, debase, run down

Bend, influence, direct, deviate, subdue, conquer

Blame, censure, accuse, curse

Bridle, harness, restrain, hamper

Broaden, increase, enlarge, expand, widen

Dupe, deceive, victimize, beguile, trick, hoax, bamboozle, double cross, bluff, hoodwink, cheat, swindle, defraud

Embolden, encourage, arouse, hearten, assure, inspire, serve, motivate, incite

Enslave, subjugate, enthrall, master, crush, quell

Evoke, elicit, provoke, induce, elicit, prompt, summon, conjure

Gag, silence, retrain, muzzle

Guilt, catch at, penetrate, blame, censure, accuse, condemn

Harm, hurt, impair, damage, worsen, break

Heal, doctor, cure

Reform, convert, remodel, regenerate, renew, turn over new leaf

Retrain, hinder, confine, restrict, cloister

Revive, restore, recover, refresh

Rob, steal, thieve, purloin, burglarize

Smite, chastise, clobber, whack, swat, stab, smack, thump, strike

Tarnish, dim, stain, taint, vilify, stigmatize

Transform, change, convert, revamp

criticize, punish,
nail, reprimand

correct, penalize

Clinch, embrace, source, cinch

Coach, advise, teach, drill, guide

Coerce, compel, force, drive, impel

Command, dominate, govern, discipline, order, dictate, direct, instruct, rule, ordain, possess, hold, boas, monopolize, hog

Compel, prompt, force

Conquer, vanquish, subdue, crush, subjugate, best, overcome, overpower, reduce, humble

Hoodwink, deceive, victimize, beguile, trick, hoax, gull

Honor, praise, celebrate, distinguish, worship, respect

Induce, elicit, persuade, coax

Infuse, inspire, uplift, infect

Inspire, give, hope, cheer, assure

Maul, abuse, bruise persecute

Mollify, clam, tranquilize, soften, pacify, relieve, Soothe, lull, subdue

Mystify, perplex, baffle, confound

Nurse, suckle, nurture, attend

Nurture, feed, train, encourage, cherish, treasure

Soften, moderate, muffle, persuade, besiege, encircle, beleaguer

Save, reserve, rescue, prevent, preserve

Settle, organize, fix, establish, assure, resolve, defeat, arrange, punish

Tame, break, domesticate, subdue

Teach, tutor, coach, instruct, direct, enlighten

Titillate, tickle, interest, tempt, thrill, delight, amuse

Court, invite
woo, flatter, fool

support, sustain,
nurture, foster,

Dazzle, blind,
confuse, astonish

Demoralize, sully, defile, soil, drive to the dogs

Deny, refute, disclaim reject, refuse, prohibit

Doctor, adulterate, falsify, treat, repair

Dog, pester,irritate, plague,torment, harass, badger

Dragoon, coerce, intimidate

Drive, compel, move, animate, pry, thrust, push, shove, ram, force, prod, goad, coerce

Nourish, encourage, invite, abet, bolster

Overpower, upset, surmount, trip up, overwhelm

Pay back,  retaliate, get even, strike back, avenge

Provoke, rile, induce, anger, excite, annoy

Persecute, oppress, torment

Punish, chastise, chasten, penalize, discipline, nail, castigate, correct

Purify, refine, cleanse, sanctify

Purloin, steal, swipe, pilfer, finch, swindle

Rally, encourage, hearten, inspire, arouse, motivate, stimulate

Solicit, implore,

Soothe, calm, relieve

Suckle, nurse, nurture, minister

Shake, weaken, agitate, excite, provoke

Silence, kill, hush, defeat, muzzle

Tantalize, tempt, tease, attract, invite, titillate, pique

Tempt, enamor, endear, charm, fascinate, attract, captivate, bewitch

Threaten, menace, bludgeon, denounce, warn, intimidate

Wound, harm, injure, irritate, offend

Vaporize, sublimate, evaporate

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