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My Journey: Youth Acting Class to Agency Representation

I’m a dreamer. I believe that a dream without a plan is just a wish. Two years ago, I decided that after years of begging my parents to let me pursue acting, I was going to take control of my career and follow my dreams. My parents didn’t support my aspirations because they thought it’s a waste of time, I knew if I wanted to do this I would need to be able to financially support my dreams myself. The day I turned sixteen that’s exactly what I did. I “borrowed” my parent’s tax information in order to get my social security number and I got my first job at McDonald’s. I saved every penny and with the help of my Godmother, Susy and her credit card, I was able to register for my first ever acting class on January 30th, 2017. I wanted more than anything to take Youth Acting at ASC.

Training is absolutely vital. I cannot stress enough how important it really is to find a great acting class that fits your specific needs. Acting Studio Chicago made it easy for me to transition from youth acting into adult acting classes when I felt like I was ready.  Christian Zamudio on set. I never felt out of place even when I went from being the oldest in my youth acting class to the youngest in my adult classes. Acting Studio Chicago does a great job in placing you where they believe you have the best opportunity to grow as an actor.   
If you are a young actor who wants to start taking classes, my recommendation is to try Acting for Youth Performers. It’s a great first class to work on your fundamental youth acting skills while also learning in a safe, uplifting environment. I considered this class to be the foundation for the rest of my training at Acting Studio Chicago.  
Summer Audition Clinic at Acting Studio Chicago completely changed my perspective of the entertainment industry. I got accepted into the Summer Audition Clinic. It was a life-changing week of five full days of youth acting classes. I was grateful I took the youth course prior because it gave me the confidence I need when we started cold reading, monologue, and on-camera classes. This is the week I learned that acting is a business and you’re the boss. We had lunch Q&A sessions with various industry pros and I learned tips regarding agency meetings, auditions, and how to handle the industry. At the end of the week, we had a showcase with some of Chicago’s top agents. The summer audition clinic was the training I needed in order to be ready to start going on auditions. Two weeks after the clinic I signed with my first agent and started going on professional acting auditions in Chicago.   
Christian Zamudio I don't belong to youI had my first ever pilot audition for a series regular role and I was not ready to walk into that room at all. I knew how to act, but I realized that I had to continue training on-camera. The second my audition was over, I walked down the hall to Acting Studio Chicago and registered for my first adult on-camera class! I knew the fundamentals of being “Camera Smart” but on-camera level one taught me the technical adjustments I needed to work in front of a camera.  
If you are auditioning for film/television you need to be taking on-camera classes. It’s great for working every week on your audition skills. I’m currently taking On-Camera III with Janelle Snow and I’m grateful for the confidence it gives me knowing that I’m prepared to audition for any sized role that comes to me.  
Acting Studio Chicago has helped me grow so much over the last two years, not just as an actor but as a human being. When I walk through the door, I feel like I’m home. I learned so much over the years from The Twelve Guideposts to being camera smart, but most importantly I learned how to love myself. Every teacher that I’ve met along the way has been so encouraging, they gave me the confidence I needed not just in acting, but in life. 

 Christian Zamudio is a wonderful young actor who is beginning to make a name for himself. He’s moving to Atlanta to follow his televisionChristian Zamudio and Youth Acting dreams and to pursue his acting career. We fully expect to hear a lot about Christian in the future!