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Janelle Snow

Janelle Snow is graduate of Northwestern and Harvard Universities and has been active in the Chicago acting community for over two decades, appearing on stage at the Goodman, Steppenwolf, Victory Gardens, American Theatre Company, Chicago Dramatists, Eclipse Theatre, Circle Theatre and more, picking up multiple Jeff nominations and awards along the way. She also trained at Second City and iO and has studied with Uta Hagen and F. Murray Abraham.

Her on-camera work includes recurring roles on Chicago Med and Chicago Fire, as well as appearances on Boss, The Beast, E/R, Early Edition, and Turks, in the films Gardening at Night, Stage Four (Best Actress Nomination from the Midwest Independent Film Festival) The Watcher, New Port South, Death of a President, and the award-winning comedy short The Widower. Upcoming projects include the featre Noise & Color and the webseries Brothers from the Suburbs

A proud member of Actors' Equity and SAG-AFTRA, she's also appeared in numerous commercials and industrials. Janelle worked in casting alongside Jane Alderman for several years and teaches On Camera and Professional Preparation at The Theatre School at DePaul University and the Chicago College of Performing Arts.



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She (Janelle Snow — Advanced On Camera: Online) provided insights into the industry, self tape equipment, and thoughts on markets and grad school. She dismantled the fear associated with teacher/student dynamics and fostered an environment well suited for growth, learning, and play.

— Jordan Moore

Janelle (Snow — Advanced On Camera: Online) was excellent. She gave honest, helpful, insightful feedback. You could see the difference in classmates performances between her notes. Janelle did not pull any punches and we love her for it.

— Hannah Ruwe

She (Janelle Snow — On Camera 2 Online) made great use of the technology during my first online course, was encouraging, thought provoking, and provided links to a myriad of resources that we will need going forward. While I have enjoyed all the instructors at ASC, Janelle was truly terrific.

— Scott Schiave

Janelle (SnowOn Camera 2 Online) has a way with words, that's a given. She promotes a healthy environment that enables growth and a creative evolution that allows for an artist to get outside of themselves with an air of trust. By using positivity and a well-measured ability to provide effective constructive criticism, she empowers creatives with an experience that allowed for a definitive growth that is measurable since we began the class.

— Jordan Getty

Janelle (Snow, Camera 3) helped me to strengthen my skills in front of the camera and taught me a lot about the Chicago acting scene. Her knowledge is so beneficial and she knows exactly how to bring out the best in each individual.

— Nicole Tini

"Janelle (Janelle Snow, Instructor- On Camer 3) is down-to-earth and empowering.  She has so much wisdom to offer and I really enjoyed her class!"

— Krista Gustafson

"I love that Janelle Snow's (On Camera 3) instruction speaks to how to succeed as humans, not booking machines.  I think Janelle is an amazing resource and would recommend this class."

— Will Wilhelm

"Janelle Snow (On Camer 3) always encouraged us to make bold, strong choices.  I love that Janelle not only gave us advice on acting but also on how to practice self-care in our daily lives."

— Samantha Hinchley

(Janelle Snow, Instructor- On Camera 3) "I can't say how much more confident I feel walking into an On-Camera Audition. From wardrobe to sight lines, to navigating emotional vulnerability on screen, I feel so much more confident. Janelle made it clear several times to take risks and be who you are. Hearing things like that helped me to treat auditioning less like a funeral. I also appreciated her reinforcement of an actor's dignity. It is so easy to feel like the scales are being tipped, that we as actors are powerless. It's so empowering to choose not to be, and to feel freedom in the things we have power in! Janelle's attitude, positivity, and enjoyable outlook on the struggles of being an actor helped give me a new perspective."

— Callie Johnson

"Janelle Snow (On Camera 3) is the bomb-diggity! I learned soooo many things; but, the ones that stand out the most for me are: 1- When you are called/contacted for an audition, know that you are walking into the room already loved. 2- So, show up ready to enjoy the play-date. 3- It really doesn't matter if you book the job at that very moment, or perhaps later; it matters that you have FUN doing what you love. 4- If the agent and/or reader acts disinterested in your performance then compel them to hear you....bring life and energy into that room. 5- The audition is like a party; you show up bearing gifts (talent) and ready to play. Don't be discouraged if they didn't need/appreciate that particular gift at that particular time. There will be other parties and you will eventually be the favored gift- just keep showing up! WARNING: Janelle's enthusiasm is CONTAGIOUS!!!"

— JJ Halloway

"Janelle (Janelle Snow, Instructor - On Camera 2) is an empowering instructor.  She has a warm but no-nonsense approach."

— Rachel Rosen

"Great class, great teacher. I will be back to take more. She (Janelle Snow, Instructor - On Camera 2) is very knowledgeable and challenged us without going overboard. She understood everyone’s needs in the class and what we wanted out of it. She could always answer any of our questions."

— Chrystal Brown

"Janelle (Janelle Snow, Instructor - On Camera 2) was superlative. She was hilarious, constructive, and overall wonderful. This class was invaluable and I am already seeing results."

— Emma Paige Baker

"Janelle (Janelle Snow, Instructor - On Camera 2) is awesome, professional, and clearly knows what she’s talking about. Her feedback helped so much with audition prep! I was encouraged and felt great about taking risks. Keep up the amazing instruction!"

— Sarah Cigan

"Janelle (Janelle Snow, Instructor - On Camera 3) is the best, I would take this class again in a heartbeat. Janelle’s feedback is direct, insightful, and priceless for ANY actor."

— Aila Peck

"Some of the best feedback I’ve ever gotten from a teacher. Loved how real Janelle (Janelle Snow, Instructor - Camera 2) was in discussing this business, but that she also brought a great sense of humor about everything."

— Alyson Calder


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