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Adult Core Program


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Are you ready to finally take the leap and start your acting training? Do you have a couple of classes or some improv under your belt? Learn how to build a solid foundation in a friendly, supportive environment where you’ll learn a practical way to achieve goals during rehearsal and performance. As a strong, effective approach to personalizing scripts, creating importance in a scene, and making clear, unique choices, The Guideposts found in the Shurtleff method are at the heart of what we teach in our classes.

  •  Physical and vocal warm-ups to help train your instrument
  • Theatre exercises and improvisation techniques designed to help build your confidence and to connect with your scene partner(s)
  • Neutral scene work intended to assist in focusing on the importance of Relationship, Conflict, Action, and Communication
  • Script analysis: which will give you the foundation for understanding the scene and discovering what you’re doing
  • Scene work: which provides you guaranteed class time to rehearse and perform scenes with partners. Contemporary American playwrights will be tackled specifically during the last 4 weeks of class.

You’ll also receive personalized feedback and guidance from passionate industry professionals who care about your journey as a developing artist.

At the beginning of each session, we provide a New Student Seminar free of charge for all new ASC students. This dynamic and useful introduction to Michael Shurtleff's Guideposts is lead by actor, director, and faculty member, Kurt Naebig and acquaints students to the common language and practices of the studio.

"The clarity that the Shurtleff method gave me definitely surpassed my expectations and gave me a definitive method to use when preparing scenes. I 100% would take another class as well as recommend to a friend."     

— Siubhan Stormont

Required: No prior training is required- just tell us a little bit about yourself when you submit your application!

In the event of inclement winter weather, your class will move to Zoom. ASC staff will make the decision by 3 pm the day of class and send you a Zoom link via email and text.

Tuition: $425


Upcoming Classes

Mondays, 6:00p-9:00p

Starts July 8

Joshua Moaney

Josh brings tons of experience in both theatre and on camera!

More about Joshua

Tuesdays, 6:00p-9:00p

Starts July 9

Risha Tenae

Risha received her MFA from Cal Arts and brings a wealth of stage & teaching experience to the classroom.

More about Risha

Wednesdays, 6:00p-9:00p

Starts July 10

Jack Bronis

Jack Bronis brings a wealth of acting, improv, and directing experience to his teaching at ASC!

More about Jack

Saturdays, 2:00p-5:00p

Starts July 13

Jack Bronis

Jack Bronis brings a wealth of acting, improv, and directing experience to his teaching at ASC!

More about Jack

Wednesdays, 6:00p-9:00p

Starts September 18

Jack Bronis

Jack Bronis brings a wealth of acting, improv, and directing experience to his teaching at ASC!

More about Jack

Saturdays, 2:00p-5:00p

Starts September 21

Jack Bronis

Jack Bronis brings a wealth of acting, improv, and directing experience to his teaching at ASC!

More about Jack



I truly enjoyed my experiences in Level 1 and I am looking forward to continuing my training at ASC! The feedback provided was priceless and specific enough for me to be able to apply it in real-time. Jack Bronis pointed out areas that I didn't know needed improvement; areas that manifested based on my personality e.g. vocal volume, movement etc. He reminded me that while acting, I have to bring the emotions to life. Thank you Jack!

— Nathaniel Johnson

Echaka Agba was very patient and encouraging. Her positivity, coaching, and scene suggestions (in Level 1) are among the great things I take away from this term with her!

— Mark Fearon

Linda (Gillum Level 1: Introduction to Shurtleff: Online) was great at answering questions and encouraging everyone!

— Sarah Sherwood

As an intro class, I really enjoyed that things were kept simple. There wasn't any big pressure other than just show up, prepare a little for scene work, engage and have fun. I'm not sure if it was Danny's (Taylor- Level I Online) intention, but I feel like this intro class was more about connecting with people, rather than straight up acting, although there was plenty of scene work. And I get a sense from his descriptions of the industry that connecting might be just as if not more important than skill. I thoroughly enjoyed the class and am glad I stayed with it when things moved online. Danny has a knack for engaging people on an emotional level

— Nick Hu

Danny (Taylor- Level 1 Online) is a treasure. He created a fun yet supportive atmosphere from the very beginning. He established a big level of trust from day one. He taught us that often failure leads to becoming better and to embrace when we fail and see what we can learn from it. Even when critique was needed, Danny did in it a positive way and always found something about everyone's performance to praise. THAT is the sign of a great teacher, encouraging yet not shy to provide assistance in a positive way. His ability to adapt the course to still make it enjoyable in an online environment I think speaks volumes to his creativity and dedication to his students. While I would have preferred class to be in person as I feel like I missed learning how to move on stage, I am glad that I kept on with the online version. It was the highlight of my week

— Jon Kadus

(Jack Bronis-Level I online)  was thoughtful, sensitive, and yet truthful in his advice.  He never got annoyed with anybody’s challenges, and handled a case of stubbornness with the grace of a ballerina.  He’s where he needs to be in a fluid way that comes off as natural.

— Michael Hill

Jack (Bronis-Level I Online) did a wonderful job of promoting respect, opening up, and making us feel valued as a beginning actor. Prior to class, I was feeling uneasy but that quickly ended and I felt like I belonged exactly where I was.

— Michael Rubio

Danny (Taylor - Level 1) is a gifted instructor. His humor and passion are contagious! He has a talent for connecting to his students and bringing out their best.

— Jordan Getty

The instructors at ASC are the cream of the crop and this includes Jennie Moreau (Level 1). Jennie always brings really great energy to her class. I gained a lot of powerful insight about myself. Jenny helped me to grow as a performer.

— Warren Baskin III

Jack (Bronis, Level 1) is fun, helpful, smart, talented and provides great feedback while allowing students breathing room to express themselves. It's a very welcoming environment and it's clear Jack loves what he does.

— Cherrell Anderson

I took both levels 1 and 2 of the core classes with Sarafina Vecchio. Sarafina is an amazing instructor! I was really nervous going in, but she put me at ease immediately with her warm and welcoming spirit. I can't believe how much I've learned already from just the first and second courses. I've been doing theatre for a long time now, but I've always struggled with a lack of self-confidence. Her encouragement and emphasis on positive feedback and constructive criticism really helped me to shake the nerves and drop my guard. Thanks to Sarafina, I've already been auditioning with a lot more confidence, feeling prepared, strong, and self-assured. 

— Rebecca Fassbender

"Jack Bronis for Level 1 Shurtleff is great at giving balanced feedback as well as helping students to discover rather than telling them what to do.  Jack is fun and engaging.  He knows how to direct and encourage "newbies" like me."

— Roy K Pugh


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