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Jump into your acting training by building a solid foundation in a friendly, supportive atmosphere. We promise we’re not going to try to make you cry, or ask you to tell us all your deepest, darkest secrets. We’re just going to give you a practical way to work: The Shurtleff Method.

In Level I, you’ll use theatre exercises and improvisation to learn to loosen up, work from impulse, focus, and connect with your partner. Neutral scene work teaches the Guideposts of Relationship, Conflict, Action and Communication.

In the last four weeks of class, you’ll work with scenes from contemporary American plays, and learn to ask the "right" questions of the script. Combined with the instructor's feedback you will be able to begin making personal, unique choices.

Required: No prior training is required- just tell us a little bit about yourself when you submit your application!

Tuition: $375

8 Weeks

Upcoming Classes

Tuesdays, 6:00p-9:00p- 8 Weeks

Starts May 2

Linda Gillum

Actress/Director Linda brings her warmth and experience in class and is the Casting Director of Remy Bumppo!

More about Linda

Wednesdays, 6:00p-9:00p- 8 Weeks

Starts May 3

Jack Bronis

Jack Bronis brings a wealth of acting, improv, and directing experience to his teaching at ASC!

More about Jack

Saturdays, 2:00p-5:00p- 8 Weeks

Starts May 6
No class Saturday, May 27

Jack Bronis

Jack Bronis brings a wealth of acting, improv, and directing experience to his teaching at ASC!

More about Jack


"She (Linda Gillum, Instructor - Level 1) told me exactly what I needed to hear and work on in order to improve my skills and myself.  I felt comfortable to be different and open minded.  I have a new perspective on reading and speaking my lines."

— Jessica Abbinante

"I got some amazing great feedback to use toward my careeer!  Linda (Linda Gillum, Instructor - Level 1) is awesome!"

— Gene Leonard

"(Jack Bronis, Instructor - Level 1) is very great at making students comfortable and finding ways to bring them (us) out of their (our) shells."

— Rashundra Dudley

"I learned a lot about putting a relationship together in a scene and what certain cues scene have. I always approached a scene better the second time around due to Jack’s (Jack Bronis, Instructor - Level 1) feedback. Regardless of how bad I felt I did, Jack would push to me that I did well and that’s the purpose of the class, to learn. Jack also had some really good one-liner tips."

— Level 1 Student

"Having a break from acting in musicals as a kid, this class helped bring back my confidence and challenge my skills. I thought Jack (Jack Bronis, Instructor - Level 1) was an outstanding teacher. I enjoyed learning the 12 Guideposts and also loved how helpful they were for every scene. I really enjoyed the class and will continue to use your feedback for the future. Thank you for bringing back my confidence on stage!"

— Meaghan Nelson

"Linda (Linda Gillum, Instructor - Level 1) did a great job. Nice way about her and positive and healthy approach overall. Just the right balance for beginner group and range of ages, talent, etc. I think the orientation by Kurt is a great introduction and the more that people experience it the more it helps to promote the studio and have people join classes."

— Level 1 Student

"Jack (Jack Bronis, Instructor - Level 1 and Improv for Actors) was dope- very encouraging and challenged us to push our limits. I also appreciate how available he made himself for feedback and council. I really felt like we grew as a class in terms of taking risks."

— Kelsey McGrath

"Linda (Linda Gillum, Instructor - Level 1) was amazing, she was always calm and had a wealth of information for us."

— Danielle Schnurer