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Adult Core Program



Put Shurtleff's Guideposts into practice! In Level Four, you’ll enrich your skills and be gently stretched beyond your comfort zone through in-depth scene work. You will also be assigned a contemporary monologue and learn the “art of auditioning."

Spending time in rehearsal will help you learn to toss weak choices while keeping and repeating strong ones. You’ll learn to maintain consistency while making your performance fresh and spontaneous, a necessary skill for every actor. You’ll work with costumes and props, and create a performance for studio students and friends as the culmination of class. Taught by teaching artists Christy Arington (scene work) and Sarafina Vecchio (monologue and voice), you will experience the community of ensemble and the excitement of performance!


Levels 1, 2 & 3, and a video audition for the instructors. It is recommended that L3 has been completed within the previous 12 months.

You must be willing to rehearse in person with your scene partner at least once a week.


In the event of inclement winter weather, your class will move to Zoom. ASC staff will make the decision by 3 pm the day of class and send you a Zoom link via email and text.

Tuition: $450

7 Classes in 6 Weeks

There are no classes currently scheduled.

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Christy (Arington) and Sarafina (Vecchio) created a safe space for us to try things out and for us to grow in. They challenged me as well. I truly left a better actor then I was before I began Level 4.


— Jessica Villarreal

I LOVE Christy’s (Arington) style and approach to tackling a scene and really digging to help you have those natural discoveries that really propel the scene and raise the stakes.

— Abe Ruiz

Level 4 with Sarafina Vecchio and Christy Arington is an outstanding class and experience. They both have extremely different teaching styles and that worked out perfectly because they bounced ideas off of each other. Sarafina and Christy really found ways to push me to better myself and performance. They helped me figure out how to let go and just give it my all. I would take it over and over again.

— Jaimie Duel

My favorite moments in class were actually watching Christy Arington’s (Level 4) minor directional adjustments for classmates completely transform a scene - it was amazing and better than live theater!

— Alexa Simon


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Core Acting In Person

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