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Kids and Teens Acting Classes


Whether they’re interested in a performing career or are investigating acting for the first time, we take our teen actors seriously at ASC. This acting class is fun and lively but absolutely doesn’t talk down to them.

In this dynamic class, students are given the tools to tackle any script be it theatre, film, tv, or commercial, and make it their own. Our teen actors will be cast in age-appropriate scenes from the contemporary theater. 

Classes include:

  • Building and deepening fundamental acting skills
  • Understanding conflict and action, and how they drive a scene
  • Personalizing any material to make a performance uniquely your own, whether it’s a commercial audition or a play at school
  • Discoveries, and how they change a scene
  • Challenging games and exercises to build skills
  • Improvisation, to learn to connect with each other and go with the flow
  • Learning the ropes to perform onstage with confidence

This class is designed to be repeated. Limited to 12 students.

Tuition: $395

8 Weeks

There are no classes currently scheduled.

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This class was truly my first exposure to acting besides just watching TV. [I was] super nervous and already feeling like I wouldn’t fit in. Sarafina Vecchio was very kind and friendly and really helped me break out of my shell, I can’t express how grateful I am to have had her as an instructor. (Grades 9-12: Acting for Teens)

— Brooke Reynolds

"I learned about The Guideposts and I gained a lot of confidence."

— Samantha Schmaling


Look Who's Working!


Tamara Bodnar booked a voiceover for a Welch's Spotify commercial - it's her first voiceover booking!