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Adult Intermediate


To apply for this in-person class, proof of full Covid-19 vaccination, including booster, is required. Make sure to upload a pdf of your card before submitting your application. 

**Note: after you hit APPLY you will receive a confirmation email; make sure to read carefully and fill out our required VACCINATION INFO FORM. 

Please review our Health & Safety page for more information on uploading your Vaccination Card and current C.D.C. guidelines.

Looking for an ONLINE Monologue Class? Click Here!

Monologue auditions are a standard part of the business, but we consistently hear that actors aren’t thrilled about the monologues they have, or aren't confident about how they perform them.

Whether you’re planning to audition for graduate school, are getting ready for season generals, or haven’t updated your audition package since you graduated, this class is for you.

The instructor will choose and help you prepare three monologues--two assigned contrasting contemporary pieces and a third type of your choice. You may choose either heightened text or an additional contemporary piece as your third monologue. Using their remarkable ability to discover pieces especially suited to each actor, they will guide you through developing monologues that are active, interesting, and that showcase your unique talent. By the end of class, you’ll have a new arsenal of crafted and rehearsed material, ready to hit the audition room.  

Required: Prior experience and training, determined by headshot and resume, and audition for the instructor. 

Tuition: $395

8 Weeks

Upcoming Classes

Mondays, 12:00p-4:00p

Starts April 25
No Class May 30th, Memorial Day

Kurt Naebig

Kurt, a Juilliard grad, brings his 25 plus years worth of experience to his energetic and engaging classes.

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Kurt (Naebig - Monologue Online) always gave everyone a fair shot to work on their pieces. His feedback was helpful, thoughtful, and always respectful to whomever he was working with. He answered some of the questions that I didn't know how to ask.

— Tyler Sapp

 Kurt is an amazing instructor who has clear, professional advice that I've never been given before. It was a really comfortable learning environment where students have the freedom to explore and try new things.

— Alexandria Swenson

"I loved how Kurt Naebig (Monologue) was flexible, talking about recent audition experiences we had each week, and using them as teachable moments.  I loved how positive and encouraging his teaching style is!  This class was a great way to both find new pieces and also get them audition ready."

— Christie Coran

The Monologue class with Kurt Naebig was very helpful. Kurt has a vast amount of knowledge from his career and knows how to connect with his students. Kurt picked pieces he catered specifically to me and on the first audition I went on following the conclusion of class I booked a 9 week out of town contract!

— Dustin Rothbart

"Kurt’s (Kurt Naebig, Instructor - Monologue) electrifying energy has helped me become more excited about monologues in general and gets me excited to work."

— Chelsea David

"This class went BEYOND my expectations. I’ve had A LOT of training and this was by far the most beneficial. Kurt (Kurt Naebig, Instructor - Monologue) is a magical acting wizard. The atmosphere was welcoming and warm. I loved Kurt’s input feedback, energy, passion, etc. He knows his stuff and I feel very grateful for having learned from him. Honestly, I can’t think of anything to do better. The class was fun and beneficial. Kurt made a 4 hour class feel like 10 minutes."

— Bre Brown


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