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Norm Boucher

Norman graduated with a degree in Theater from Michigan State University, and has been teaching Voiceover for over a decade. He is happy to return to Acting Studio Chicago as a teacher, having taken many excellent classes here as a student.

He has been a professional actor for over twenty-five years, is a proud member of SAG, AFTRA, and AEA, and has done voiceovers for radio and television, on-camera industrials, and numerous commercials, including two Super Bowl spots. On television, he has appeared in the NBC series Chicago Fire, Chicago PD and the CBS series Early Edition.  He has performed in many Chicago-area theaters including Chicago Shakespeare Theatre, Theatre at the Center, Court Theatre, Marriott Lincolnshire, Drury Lane Oakbrook, and Chicago Dramatists. 



Learn what this voiceover thing is all about online and in person at CRC!

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Learn what this voiceover thing is all about

See Upcoming Class Times and Dates



Norm (Boucher — Beginning Voiceover Online) was prompt, engaging, and thoughtful with his critique. And a good sense of humor, which is always a plus!

— Katie Roussos

Norm (Boucher — Beginning Voiceover Online) was a great VO coach! He was just what I was looking for in a professional VO talent and coach. The class was great from beginning to end.

— Darrita Poindexter

"This class met much more than my expectations.  Norm (Norm Boucher, Instructor- Beginning Voiceover) rocks this class! His expertise and sense of humor made this a fantastic experience." 

— Cathy Zaremba

"Beginning Voiceover exceeded my expectations. Norm Boucher was perfectly supportive and provocative so that you would challenge yourself." 

— Ryan Gallerani

"Norm Boucher (Beginning Voiceover) surpassed my expectations with the amount of tips we learned in such a short time. (Norm) gave me tools I could use to access my own performance. I felt Norm's enthusiasm was infectious. I will always remember to keep my hands up, smile and the MF rule."

— Bubba Murray

"I took this class for work and learned so much about not only voiceover but myself.  I’m definitely coming back to take the Intermediate course for personal gain.  He (Norm Boucher, Instructor – Beginning Voiceover) had the perfect blend of constructive, yet caring feedback.  Norm encouraged us to try new things and take risks when we could.  He said, “Don’t let perfection get in the way of excellence.”  I have nothing but glowing things to say about Norm.  He made us all feel comfortable while still giving us real feedback.  I learned a ton in just eight weeks."

— Kristin Samuelson

"This class exceeded my expectations. He's (Norm Boucher, Instructor - Beginning Voiceover) got a gift for reading people and tailoring the needs for improvement suggestions perfectly. He’s a true professional who knows his craft and communicates it so flawlessly."

— Beginning Voiceover Student

"Our instructor (Norm Boucher, Instructor- Beginning Voiceover) was almost instantly adapting to all of our levels and needs as we took turns reading. He not only had a keen sense of everyone’s personality traits and was able to help everyone at any of their individual levels. As a green beginner, I was so nervous starting this class. Thanks to the great staff and instructor I was not only comfortable to take risks by my second class, but by the end of the 8 weeks I’m so sad it’s over! I feel this class was well thought out. This class had a plan, a goal. A focus and yet felt spontaneous at the same time."

— Naomi Higa

"Norm’s (Norm Boucher, Instructor - Beginning Voiceover) energy is contagious; he gets you just as excited about voiceover as he is. He is super informative and gives very constructive criticism."

— Amy Stricker