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How To Be Your Own Dialect Coach

Acting Studio Chicago is very fortunate to have Kate Devore as our Dialects and voice training instructor. As a voice coach and instructor, Kate has a ton of valuable information and techniques for maintaining a healthy voice. After all, it’s a huge part of our instrument as actors. Check out the information below for some incredible dialect tips and advice from Kate! How To Be Your Own Dialect Coach It goes without saying that…

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7 Tips To Nail The Co-Star Audition

Got a co-star audition and not sure where to begin? Well, welcome to the right place! These 7 tips will help set yourself up for success so you can nail your co-star audition. 1) UNDERSTAND YOUR FUNCTION IN THE SCENE.  Co-star roles in television, and featured roles in film, are considered functionary roles. A functionary role – you guessed it! – serves a function in the telling of the story….

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Advice For New Voice Actors: Q & A with Brad Grusnick

We asked voiceover expert and Acting Studio Chicago instructor, Brad Grusnick, to share his advice for new voice actors. Check out the Q & A below for Brad’s advice on agents, opportunities in other markets, and how to break into gaming and animation. 1) For new voice actors just starting out in their career, how do you suggest they find voiceover opportunities? Take classes and hone your skills. Too many…

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Getting an Agent: 5 Things To Do Before Submitting for Representation

You’ve taken your fair share of classes, you have some performance experience under your belt, and you’re finally ready to take the next step in your acting career: getting an agent! Before you begin submitting, follow these 5 steps in order to set yourself up for as much success as possible! 5) Do your research All agents and agencies do similar things to help their actors get work. However, each…

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How To Format an Acting Resume

These helpful guidelines and examples will help you format your acting resume, and ensure you present yourself in the most professional way possible.

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Kate Devore, Voice

5 Things You Forgot From Your Acting Voice Training

Voice training is fundamental in acting and performance. Read the 5 important things Kate DeVore wants us to remember about our utilizing our voices in performance.

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12 Holiday Gift Ideas for Actors

Need some help with the perfect Holiday gift for the Actor in your life? At Acting Studio Chicago, we’ve come up with 12 Holiday Gift Ideas for Actors (regardless of whether they are aspiring, experienced, or pros.)  12. A Theatrical Makeup kit – It’s often expected that actors do their own stage makeup. A Makeup kit is an essential thing that all actors should have, and most importantly know how…

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Casting Directors’ No Nonsense Advice on Self-Tapes

Notes from the field: Casting Directors Bob Mason, Lauren Port, Nick Bowling, Nik Whitcomb, Carey Cannon & Catherine Miller weigh in. I was fortunate enough to attend a 2-hour discussion with 6, yeah that’s right, 6 Casting Directors in Nicole Ricciardi’s Audition class at The Theatre School/DePaul. The panel was both informative and reassuring. I’m excited they agreed to let me share my takeaways about self-tapes from this refreshing conversation….

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5 Things Actors Can Do During Covid

Acting is doing.  This is one of the first lessons every actor will learn. It may very well be the fundamental tenement of acting performance. “To act means to do, so you must always have something specific to do… or you will immediately stop acting.” A Practical Handbook for the Actor Acting is also about overcoming obstacles in order to get what you want on stage and off. With the…

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5 Virtual Audition Tips from ASC’s On-Camera Pros

See what the Pros at ASC advise for creating a top-notch Virtual Audition!

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