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Actor To Actor…

…A Conversation with Cole Doman by Noah Glaser In my interview with Cole Doman, I asked if – either during his time in school or at any point throughout his acting career – he had encountered a phrase that had stuck with him. A mantra or piece of advice that he finds himself repeating every so often, be it: on stage, on set, at an audition, or at home. Cole…

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5 Ways Reading Plays Makes You A Better Actor

With the present state of the COVID 19 pandemic, while we are safe-at-home, one of the things actors can do… is read plays!  Reading plays is a fundamental skill for the actor. I spoke with Acting Studio Chicago Faculty Member Adrianne Cury and she advised, “There is something we can do with all this time; that is to further educate ourselves.” As an actor and playwright in training, I asked…

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Calm Your Mind & Conquer Your Audition

By Donna Simon Dunn Imagine your mind is a garden. You get to choose which seeds to plant. So why not plant seeds of positivity, joy, opportunity and success? Why not have a giant patch of dirt, void of nutrients, where your bad seeds: rejection, self-doubt, worry, go to die?  What’s stopping you from waking up every day and stepping into your purpose? Your initial response to this might be,…

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2020: The Year of Perfect Vision

Wow! January really flew by and here we are in the middle of February — and if we’re being honest, some of our New Year’s resolutions have probably flown right out of our minds — and ready to replace those resolutions, are old habits that just won’t let go. Don’t lose hope though, there’s still plenty of time to course-correct. After all, this is the start of a new year,…

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Connectivity Fuels Creativity: 8 Ways For Actors To Stay Connected

Auditioning is mostly a solo career. Yep, preaching the truth, friends.   As actors, we spend a lot of time by ourselves on the train, in the car, on the bus, in an Uber, on the way to, or returning from an audition. Sure, people might be sitting next to you on the train, but usually, you are self-focused, in your audition zone. It’s rare that an actor will go with…

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Adria Dawn

Movement For The Lens

Misconceptions of Movement, Dang It!  There’s a misconception about on-camera acting out there in the universe that I think needs to be dispelled. There’s this general feeling/idea/thought that you have to stay frozen and barely move, and talk really, really quietly. Actors want so badly to come off as real and authentic, that I’m finding that some actors get locked into an unmovable position once they hit their mark and…

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Why Voice Over Work?

WHY VOICEOVER WORK? There are more reasons than you think! Written by Jeff Lupetin Author of  Ultimate Voiceover Why voiceover work? People come to the voiceover business for a few common reasons. One: They want to make more money. Two: Someone told them they have a great voice. Three: They want to do cartoon voices Four: They want to do audiobooks. The good news is having a voice over career…

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First Time Being On Set? Here are 6 Simple Rules to Follow

You got the part and it’s your first time cast in a television show! You’ve worked hard and you’re excited about this first day. But you’ve never been on set before and you aren’t sure what to expect. Here are a few guidelines to get you through that first experience. 1. Don’t be late. There’s nothing that sets a bad precedent more than holding up production because you didn’t arrive…

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7 Tips For General Auditions

1. The first question to ask yourself is, “Should I go to this audition?” “LORT general auditions are for the entire season including undisclosed workshops/readings, so its worth going even if you don’t see an appropriate role.  If it is an EPA for a specific show and there isn’t an appropriate role, don’t attend the audition.” ~Adam Belcoure, Casting Director-Goodman Theatre If it’s a general theatre audition, especially at a…

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by Chris Agos All actors need reels. The question is how to build an acting reel that works. In Part 1, we talked about the reasons for having an acting reel (showreel), covered the hierarchy of reel footage sources, and highlighted the importance of building an actor’s credibility through a reel. By the way, notice I’m not calling them “actor demos” or “demo reels”. Demos are for voice over. Anyway….

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