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5 Reasons Why Theatre Is Still Important

At Acting Studio Chicago, we appreciate and love all forms of acting, whether it’s for film or television, commercial acting or voice over work. But we especially love the theatre and we believe that theatre is still important. Acting for the stage is an all encompassing process that involves a great deal of collaboration from many different people. We at ASC believe that the art, process and effects of live performance are incredibly important in the current world of social media, digital technology and screens. Being fully present with a group of tangible, living, breathing people is important to the art of acting and for the human spirit.

  1. Theatre helps us to see a different perspective from our own. We’re shown humanity, psychology, motivations, conflict and resolution. We as the audience get to witness the trajectory of persons other than ourselves. As artists, we put ourselves into emotional and intellectual situations that may never arise in our personal lives. Theatre promotes us to give power to truth, to take risks and to advocate for new and diverse voices.
  2. Theatre reminds us that we are not alone.  Not only are we sharing space and an experience with the artists who are performing, we are sharing the experience with fellow audience members. Movies and television don’t have the same intimacy or sense of participation. Sharing an experience with live actors and live audience members is not only valuable, it’s necessary for human connection.
  3. Theatre is immediate, evolving and always different. Although the script may be the same every night, the performance is unique, each and every time it happens. No two performances are ever the same. In this way, everyone involved has a distinct and unique experience that can never be replicated.
  4. Live theatre helps to promote social discourse, dialogue and potential social change. Theatre is a cultural phenomenon that demands that society examines itself in the mirror. We can study societal problems and attempt to find solutions.  Coming together as a community to listen to opposing points of view is necessary.
  5. Theatre promotes education and literacy. Studies have shown that students who participate in theatre do better in school.

Here’s what some of our amazing instructors have to say on why Theatre Is Still Important.

Janelle Snow ASC
“It’s like a sporting event of the heart – where you’re gathered in a space, often shoulder to shoulder, breathing the same air, experiencing the same sensory input, and letting your thoughts and emotions go on an unpredictable ride together.”
Janelle Snow

 Esteban Andres Cruz ASC 

“The theater is the only space where people will let you lock the door, sit in the dark together with strangers and listen to stories that illuminate who we are as a people.  It’s where we work out our ever changing definition of humanity, where we eek out empathy, hope and love.”

 ~ Esteban Andres Cruz


Linda Gillum ASC


“The human to human connection between artists and audience where it’s always morphing – anything can happen and that’s exciting!~ Linda Gillum



“Since reading fiction engenders empathy, how many times must this empathic growth multiply when experiencing it with 50 to 500 of your fellow humans? It has been proven that live theatre audience members’ heartbeats are synchronized, so I can think Adrianne Cury ASCof no more powerful way to experience life’s joys, sorrows, and foibles. And from an actor’s perspective, there is no more rewarding gift than feeling those hearts beat, while eliciting laughter or gasps, sighs or sobs. There is no better high.” ~ Adrianne Cury


Christina Gorman ASC

“Live Theatre is important because there is nothing like it. Period. Whether we are ‘holding a mirror up to nature’ or as I’ve recently heard told that our audiences’ hearts beat together as one, live theatre is essential to us as human beings in this world.” ~Christina Gorman


allison latta asc

“Theatre is a shared experience. Audience and performers agree to suspend their disbelief and journey somewhere together. It is a temporary kind of community and we don’t have enough of that in everyday life.”~ Allison Latta




Coburn Goss ASC

“When we see live theatre, there’s always the possibility  something could go terribly wrong on stage. It usually doesn’t but the the threat is there. This keeps the audience on their toes and therefore adds a level of immediacy that you just can’t get in any other medium.”~Coburn Goss



Kirsten Fitzgerald ASC Why Theatre Is Still Important

“Live theatre is truly the greatest sustenance for the human spirit and perhaps for our collective spirit as humans on this crazy planet. Where else can 20, 50, 500 or more people sit together, breath the same air and share a one-time-only experience. 

Where else can we pull people up out of their seats, shake them up a bit and then plop them back down to reflect and discuss. Live performance (theatre, dance, music) acts upon its audiences in palpable, tangible ways building empathy and nurturing compassion. WE NEED THIS!!!!”~Kirsten Fitzgerald

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