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Kurt Naebig

Kurt Naebig

Kurt has worked professionally in theatre, film, television and radio for more than 30 years, and has been teaching and coaching actors since 1992.

A Juilliard graduate, he has also studied at the Moscow School of the Arts in Russia. Kurt is the former Artistic Director of The Theatre of Western Springs, a member of Buffalo Theatre Ensemble and has worked as an actor at Portland Stage, Milwaukee's Pabst Theatre, National Jewish Theater, Steppenwolf Theatre and Chicago Shakespeare Theatre.

He also appeared in such films as Public Enemies, The Express, Witless Protection, Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, The Relic, Dillinger, Howard Beach: Making the Case for Murder, and has been in seen in the television shows, Empire,  APB, Sense8, Chicago Code, Detroit 1-8-7 and multiple episodes of Chicago PD, Chicago Fire, ER and Prison Break. Kurt recently directed another season of VC - The Webseries. He has also directed The 39 Steps, Don't Dress For Dinner, The Drawer Boy, Trumbo: Red White and Blacklisted, and Leading Ladies at Buffalo Theatre Ensemble.  Visit him at



1 week summer program for teen actors who want to experience training in a professional environment. Students will tackle scene work, monologues, movement exercises, on-camera, and more.

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This exciting and energizing one-week program is perfect for teens who want to hone their theatre and on-camera audition skills as well as learn about the ins and outs of the business in Chicago. Acceptance is determined by audition.

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Knock your auditions out of the park!

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An introduction to the way we work and teach.

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Advanced Scene Study: Teacher- Kurt Naebig- "I never once felt like my time was wasted. The class was efficient and exciting. I learned something new every week. Kurt was extremley specific in his feedback and consistantly referenced the same breakdown/guideposts we learned. Kurt made it very clear that class was the place to take risks and enouraged playing large actions."

— Brian Kulaga

"(Kurt Naebig, Instructor, Advanced Scene StudyHas really enlightening examples, great emphasis on the importance of pre-work and being in the moment. Basically, if a student is open, this class is very rich for fast growth."

— Arya Daire

The Monologue class with Kurt Naebig was very helpful. Kurt has a vast amount of knowledge from his career and knows how to connect with his students. Kurt picked pieces he catered specifically to me and on the first audition I went on following the conclusion of class I booked a 9 week out of town contract!

— Dustin Rothbart

"Kurt has the uncanny ability to steer you in unexpected and exciting directions with just a few words of guidance." (Kurt Naebig, Instructor- Advanced Scene Study)

— Bryn Packard

"Kurt’s (Kurt Naebig, Instructor - Monologue) electrifying energy has helped me become more excited about monologues in general and gets me excited to work."

— Chelsea David

"This class went BEYOND my expectations. I’ve had A LOT of training and this was by far the most beneficial. Kurt (Kurt Naebig, Instructor - Monologue) is a magical acting wizard. The atmosphere was welcoming and warm. I loved Kurt’s input feedback, energy, passion, etc. He knows his stuff and I feel very grateful for having learned from him. Honestly, I can’t think of anything to do better. The class was fun and beneficial. Kurt made a 4 hour class feel like 10 minutes."

— Bre Brown

"Since taking Advanced Scene Study with Kurt (Kurt Naebig, Instructor, Advanced Scene Study), I am more willing to take risks and make bold choices because they are based on solid script analysis and truthful personalization."

— Lily Mojekwu


Look Who's Working!

ASC faculty members Kirsten Fitzgerald and Dado are performing in and faculty member Christina Gorman fight directed the Brett Neveu world premiere of Traitor for A Red Orchid Theatre.