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3 Tips For Self-Taping with a Professional

More and more frequently, you’ll find yourself opening your email to see a message from your agent with the subject: Self-Tape Request. You could certainly tape the audition yourself (see the previous blog post “3 Tips for Self-Taping At Home”), but as the need for self-taping grows, you might find it’s easier to create your self-taping with a professional. When you hire someone to record your audition, there are a…

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3 Tips for Self-Taping At Home

by Kate McCoy As the demands of casting offices and production companies evolve, the requests for self-taping has increased. You might opt to have your audition professionally recorded, in which case a lot of the work is done for you. If, however, you choose to tape the audition yourself – either your schedule doesn’t allow you the time to go into a studio or you simply want to save money…

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Creating Your Actor Website – 6 Items to Make it Great!

Zoom auditions, virtual callbacks, and remote digital projects are a few of the many new normals brought on by 2020.  As the world continues to transition to being as online as possible, having a digital presence as an actor and artist is more important now than ever before. So, if you find yourself with a bit more time on your hands in the next few days…weeks…or months, why not consider…

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Becoming A Full-Time Working Actor!

So you’ve decided that you want to make the leap. You’re going to give up your 9-5 day job and pursue your acting career full time so that you can focus on doing what you love and what you were born to do. Before you make the crucial step of leaving your full-time employment, we at ASC want to make sure you’ve considered all the necessary steps to becoming a…

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4 Tips To Be Ear Prompter Proficient 

by Jill Monaco   My friend Chris Agos wrote a great piece about using the EAR Prompter, also know as the EAR,  a few weeks back. It was taken from his book Acting in Chicago, which helps people understand the industry more than any other book I’ve read.   Chris and I have worked together many times. When I knew I was going to be booked with him I was thrilled. Why? Because if…

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Voiceover Tips from Jeff Lupetin!

At Acting Studio Chicago we are extremely proud of our faculty…..and their books! Jeff Lupetin, Voice Actor Extraordinaire, teaches several VO classes and is the author of ULTIMATE VOICEOVER.  Check out these great tips from Jeff ‘s  book. Below are some extremely practical pacing tips that you can use at your very next Voiceover audition! ULTIMATE VOICEOVER TIP! Always read the first line of your copy more slowly than the…

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4 Things To Do Before You Get a VO Demo

A good voice-over demo costs a lot of money. A good demo producer will produce a demo that sounds fantastic. Once that’s done, at some point you’re going to have to audition, and if you’re not ready, all that money and time you spent on your demo is worth nothing. Have you ever seen a glamorous headshot, and then seen that the actor looks nothing like their photo? That’s what…

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Ear Prompter Advice from Chris Agos

The following is an excerpt from Acting In Chicago: Making A Living Doing Commercials, Voice Overs, TV and Film And More by Chris Agos, and has been reprinted by permission.   If you don’t know what an ear prompter is, you’re going to thank me for introducing it to you. Ear prompters let you deliver your lines word for word, without memorizing them or holding a script in your hand. It’s sometimes…

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Creating Your Own Work: Write the Roles You Want to Play

Grind and hustle….  Hustle and grind. Those are the classic actions of the Chicago actor, are they not? Bouncing from one audition, show, set to the next. All the while, trying to maintain a sense of control over the uncontrollable fluster of your creative life. Have you ever thought about creating your own work? At the end of the day, we are each in control of our preparation, choices, and…

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3 Pieces of Advice from a Successful ‘Chicago to L.A.’ Actor Transplant

by Gail Rastorfer of Artistic Strategies 1. Have a War Chest Just like any move, make sure you have the money in hand to get out to L.A., to put a deposit down for a place to stay and to have AT LEAST two months worth of living expenses in hand. You will also want money for classes/headshots/etc. If you decide becoming an L.A. Actor is your goal in ‘x’…

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