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Christy Arington

Christy Arington has been an actor, director and teaching artist for over 25 years. A founding member and current Artistic Director of Lakeside Shakespeare, she was the education director for 13 years, building a vibrant and continually growing educational program. Christy most recently directed the world premier of The HOA with The Factory Theatre and will be directing "The Tempest" again this summer with Lakeside Shakes. Having taught high school and college theatre courses for over 15 years, she brings a bevy of experience and passion to her teaching. As an actor, Christy has worked with many Chicago area Storefront Theatres including Strawdog, Irish Theatre of Chicago, Wildclaw Theatre, The Mammals, The Factory and many others. Her experience with classical texts both as an actor and director is extensive.  Christy received her Master of Fine Arts in Theatre Performance from the University of Georgia and in 2001 was awarded The Mark Twain Comedic Acting award at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.



I LOVE Christy’s (Arington) style and approach to tackling a scene and really digging to help you have those natural discoveries that really propel the scene and raise the stakes.

— Abe Ruiz

Level 4 with Sarafina Vecchio and Christy Arington is an outstanding class and experience. They both have extremely different teaching styles and that worked out perfectly because they bounced ideas off of each other. Sarafina and Christy really found ways to push me to better myself and performance. They helped me figure out how to let go and just give it my all. I would take it over and over again.

— Jaimie Duel

My favorite moments in class were actually watching Christy Arington’s (Level 4) minor directional adjustments for classmates completely transform a scene - it was amazing and better than live theater!

— Alexa Simon

The Level 3 Scene Study Class instructed by Christy Arington was exceptional in providing opportunities to expand the actors' level of character analysis. Ms. Arington is a pure joy and is astute in providing challenging opportunities to expand one's knowledge base while providing necessary support to enable the actors' success. This class comes highly recommended, you can't beat the benefits received!

— Dalvalie Friend

Christy (Arington - Level 3) helped me to dig deeper in terms of personalization. Her feedback is always honest and intentional and the energy she gives her class is amazing.

— Warren Baskin III

Christy (Arington - Level 2) excels in teaching you to own your choices and decisions as an actor. She does a wonderful job of making you feel empowered. 

— Jenean Truesdell

Christy Arington (Level 2) is great at helping every student progress to the next level of their acting.

— Wally Singer

The environment in Christy Arington's (Level 2) class is such a supportive environment to be in. It was a space to be vulnerable and take risks. I always felt incredibly supported and challenged.

— Oana Ionut

Christy Arington (Level 2) helped me to go deeper as an actor. She always brought about ideas I hadn't thought about. Christy helped all of us to see that details are important when making acting choices. I feel like a better performer after this class.

— Anthony Bradley

Christy Arington (Level 2) was very honest with and observant of each student. She was always engaged and gave great feedback! A total pro who made class exciting and fun.

— Christopher W. Paschal

Christy's passion and skill really show in her teaching. I'm so glad I took this class.

— Jordan Campo

This class exceeded my expectations! I felt safe and encouraged to take acting risks. Christy (Arington - Level 2) gave great direction which enabled each of us in the class to grow as actors.

— Andrea Conway-Diaz