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Adult On Camera


To apply for this in-person class, proof of full Covid-19 vaccination, including booster, is required. Make sure to upload a pdf of your card before submitting your application. 

We highly encourage all students to stay up to date with their boosters according to CDC recommendations and industry standards and receive the bivalent vaccine. Up-to-date means, if eligible, one must be boosted with the new bivalent vaccine, which is free. You are eligible for the bivalent booster if 2 months have passed since your last vaccine. 

**Note: after you hit APPLY you will receive a confirmation email; make sure to read carefully and fill out our required VACCINATION INFO FORM. 

Please review our Health & Safety page for more information on uploading your Vaccination Card and current C.D.C. guidelines.

Have you already laid a  foundation as an actor?
Do you want to acquire the skills necessary for on-camera work as an actor? Do you wannt to make the transition from stage to screen? This class is designed for you.

Become the actor who is in control of how the camera sees you. Learn
to make technical adjustments necessary to excel in on-camera auditions and work. Use what you learn to be in command of your performance!

  • Learn how to approach a variety of commercial styles and what may be expected in your audition or on the job
  • Learn how to attack co-star (functionary) roles
  • Learn to delve deeply into dramatic television and film scene work with confidence.
  • Learn the mental strength needed to work from a place of stillness

Required: Core Program levels 1-3 or equivalent training- determined by headshot and resume.

Tuition: $395

8 Weeks

Upcoming Classes

Mondays, 6:00p-9:30p

Starts February 13

This class has a pre-requisite: LEVEL 3 SCENE STUDY: IN PERSON.

If you have the equivalent experience...

Jessica Dean Turner

With an MA from NYU in educational theatre, Jessica also brings her extensive theatre and on camera experience to ASC!

More about Jessica Dean



Jessica (Dean Turner) made each class FUN and exciting. Everyone connected with the work more because of her warmups and class activities. I was shaking in front of the camera for the first class and by the 7th I was laughing in front of it. I think everyone really progressed in Camera 1 class and enjoyed rooting for one another!

— Jacqueline Remus

The environment of Coburn Goss' Camera 1 class was super supportive, so I never felt like I didn't have the freedom to try anything or be judged. There was no judging.

— Debbie Roberts

Sarah Charipar (Camera 1) was a superb instructor that consistently challenged each student to grow each week. She spent quality time with each student, giving insightful feedback & suggestions after each performance. We performed each assignment as many times as necessary to see real-time progress. I'm very satisfied and have signed up for 2 more classes!

— Cayge Clements

"After a twenty-year hiatus, I am so happy I took your ON CAMERA 1 class with Sarah (Charipar).  My first audition for Chicago Fire led to me being booked as a day player for Episode 13 as Officer Westfall. I’m going to take another class. It was so helpful, especially since I had never done TV."

— Courtney Shaughnessy

Doug (McDade - On Camera 1 Online) always hit such a tricky balance of giving honest feedback but doing so in a way that was encouraging and provided a healthy, fun class environment. I've learned more from him in this class that went above and beyond my expectations.

— Alexandria Ross


Look Who's Working!


Mike Rogalski portrayed Virgil in Athenaeum Center's multimedia production Dante 360.