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Adult Voiceover Online


Our online Voiceover for the Professional Actor course is designed for students who already have a handful of professional theatre/film/television credits under their belt. Building upon the fundamentals of theatre and on-camera techniques, students will learn to apply and adapt their skills to the world of voice acting. In this course, you will:

  • Learn about the variety of commercial styles. 

  • Explore the differences between: TV, internet, radio, announcer, and demo reads.

  • Practice narration, animation, and gaming auditions. (1 class)

  • Gain insight and information about the hardware, software, and environments that will give you a great-sounding audition from your own home.

  • Learn about the basics of working from home: including record and send and remote recording

  • Receive feedback and have a Q&A with one of the top VO agents in Chicago. Past session's agent guest was Sheila Dougherty of Stewart Talent

Admission: Determined by Resume

Students must have internet access, as well as a computer/cell phone/tablet with a working camera and microphone.

Tuition: $365

6 Weeks

Upcoming Classes

Wednesdays, 6:00p-9:00p

Starts July 7

Brian Plocharczyk

Brian's work as a VO and On Camera talent has been heard and seen in countless commercials and corporate videos, as well as in animated and gaming projects.

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I just finished Voiceover for the Professional Actor: Online with Brian Plocharczyk and it was amazing! Always open and willing to lend guidance even outside of class, Brian really helped build not only my confidence but help me find out my specific voice. The class itself was structured in a way that built off of what was learned previously and I can confidently say that everyone in the class benefited from Brian's expertise as well as his welcoming educational demeanor. If you are looking to take your voiceover career to the next level, I highly recommend this class!

— Ryan Negron

Brian (Plocharczyk — Voiceover for the Professional Actor: Online) gave concrete feedback, actionable items, and provided so many resources for us to look through. I thought this online VO class was really effective!

— Hannah Ruwe

Brian (Plocharczyk — Voiceover for the Professional Actor: Online) did an excellent job teaching the course. He provided challenging homework assignments and abundant resources for further training.

— Yvonne Sullivan

Brian (Plocharczyk — Voiceover for the Professional Actor: Online) debunked many of the techincal myths and fears surrounding Voiceover and made it feel accessible. He tackled every avenue of Voiceover and provided not only homework, but many online resources to further our studies.

— Jordan Moore

Brian (Plocharczyk — Voiceover for the Professional Actor: Online) is an amazing teacher and a really nice person. He was extremely organized and timely and provided many useful resources outside of the classroom. I thought his feedback was honest and appropriate. He really gave everyone 100% from his class prep, in class work, and in evaluating our work outside the class. He definitely went above and beyond to help us.

— Coleen Tutton

Brian (Plocharczyk - Voiceover for the Professional Actor Online) did an EXCELLENT job during in-person classes and transitioning over to virtual learning. He was always there for us and very knowledgable. His knowledge of Zoom and use of it really moved the class forward. Very smooth.

— Quinn Kelch


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