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This 6-week intensive is designed for those who have completed Beginning Voiceover or have a voiceover demo and previous studio experience. The class is taught at Chicago Recording Company (232 E. Ohio).

Students will continue to hone their voiceover technique, and learn more about the business of working in the voiceover industry. They will receive a copy of Jeff’s book Ultimate Voiceover, a guide to working in voiceover.

Required: Beginning Voiceover or equivalent training.

Tuition: $425

6 Weeks

Upcoming Classes

Wednesdays, 6:00p-9:00p

Starts September 26

This class is full.

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Jeff Lupetin

Jeff is an author and award winning VO artist recognized for his work for SC Johnson and Procter & Gamble.

More about Jeff

Tuesdays, 6p-9p

Starts October 2

This class has a pre-requisite: BEGINNING VOICEOVER.

If you have the equivalent experience...

Jeff Lupetin

Jeff is an author and award winning VO artist recognized for his work for SC Johnson and Procter & Gamble.

More about Jeff



"Jeff (Jeff Lupetin, Instructor- Intermediate Voiceover) was awesome!  I loved his relaxed, professional energy, constructive suggestions, and good humor.  Acting Studio Chicago always has good instructors and quality classes."

— Laine Cogan

"Jeff's (Jeff Lupetin, Instructor-Intermediate Voiceover) class definitely met my expectations!  The insider information about the business was incredibly helpful.  I believe that the instructors here are helpful, and know what they're doing."

— Olivia Cuff

"Jeff (Jeff Lupetin, Instructor-Intermediate Voiceover) is very calm and very positive.  He knows the business and is a great teacher!"

— Tim Doyle

"I liked how Jeff (Jeff Lupetin, Instructor-Intermediate Voiceover) focused on working with each actor's natural voice and building on that.  It made it easier to explore and try new things!"

— Michaela Truelove

"I loved that each class was packed with copy to read.  Best parts of the class are getting to do the thing and I'm glad we spent the majority of the class doing that." (Jeff Lupetin, Instructor- Intermediate Voiceover

— Alex Pagels

"The class was great. Very practical information and exercises. Using Chicago recording studios is a great way to get experience. Jeff (Jeff Lupetin, Instructor - Intermediate Voiceover) is the best instructor I’ve had. He’s informative, professional and witty. Makes the class time fly. The exercises progressed nicely. Great practical examples from Jeff’s career. I love Jeff’s wit. Good studio experience. Jeff took the time to work with each of us at various times."

— Intermediate Voiceover Student

"His (Jeff Lupetin, Instructor - Intermediate Voiceover) examples are great, very informative. Three hours went by fast. I like his positive attitude and talent. Very funny!"

— Intermediate Voiceover Student

"I got valuable in-studio experience and thoroughly enjoyed Jeff’s (Jeff Lupetin, Instructor - Intermediate Voiceover) style. Jeff was a great balance of fun and professional. He was playful but constructive, and we still got necessary work done each class."

— Intermediate Voiceover Student

"The instructor (Jeff Lupetin - Intermediate Voiceover) gave solid advice and tips that were very unique to our abilities. The feedback was information we could apply immediately to our work. It helped my auditions that very week!"

— Jennifer Zygmunt


Look Who's Working!

ASC alum Darryn Glass is cast as Dr Fine in Redtwist Theatre's upcoming show, 6 Degrees of Separation.