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Building upon the work you did in Level 1, our ASC Online Level 2 course delves deeper into Shurtleff’s Guideposts, allowing you to: further develop your process, strengthen your partner connection, and increase your specificity. In this course, you will continue improving upon your script analysis skills as you work to clarify your choices and develop a more personal connection with the text. Emphasis will be placed on the application and transition from bookwork into scene work. In this course you will further learn to:

  • Appropriately choose and apply action verbs

  • Easily and effectively find beats

  • Further develop and specify your internal monologue 

  • Incorporate discoveries in order to fully act on impulse

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Required: In order to move forward to Level 3: Scene Study, you are required to attend Week 6 (Script Analysis).

Pre-Requisite: Level 1 or equivalent training and a placement audition. 

Students must have internet access, as well as a computer/cell phone/tablet with a working camera and microphone.


Tuition: $395

8 Weeks

There are no classes currently scheduled.

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Jennie (MoreauLevel 2 Shurtleff to Scene: Online) was a creative and thoughtful instructor. She improved performances with individualized exercises and notes and fostered a friendly, often fun atmosphere in class.

— Ann E. Nunez

She (Jennie MoreauLevel 2 Shutrleff to Scene: Online) was really great at picking up each individual students style and was able to communicate well with each of us areas that we could grow/learn. She was always super positive and had a great way of communicating with each of us individually and as a whole.

— Julie Wilkinson

She (Christina Gorman Level 2 Shurtleff to Scene: Online) was excellent! She explained many things about what to expect during theatre and TV auditions, along with helping us improve our skills and helping us understand Shurtleff's Guideposts more.

— Cara Olson

Level 2 with Danny Taylor was amazing! Danny has a way of pushing you while motivating you at the same time. He is an excellent and supportive teacher that will challenge you into becoming your best version!

— Adriana Belan

She (Christina Gorman — Level 2 Shurtleff to Scene Online) taught us a lot about the industry and how to audition successfully. As well as points in a scene where a character makes discoveries, and how to take our emotions to a higher level while acting.

— Meredith Torvik

Sarafina (Vecchio — Level 2: Shurtleff to Scene: Online) was high energy, encouraging, supportive and explained the ideas well. I like how feedback that she would give to a scene would actually apply to all of us

— David Quach


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