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Word-of-Mouth is our best advertisement. Check out what our students have to say about ASC! 

"This class exceeded my expectations. He's (Norm Boucher, Instructor - Beginning Voiceover) got a gift for reading people and tailoring the needs for improvement suggestions perfectly. He’s a true professional who knows his craft and communicates it so flawlessly."

— Beginning Voiceover Student

"Dave (Dave Leffel, Instructor - Beginning Voiceover) was great! He gave great feedback and provided a learning environment that was not intimidating at all!"

— Beginning Voiceover Student

"The class was great. Very practical information and exercises. Using Chicago recording studios is a great way to get experience. Jeff (Jeff Lupetin, Instructor - Intermediate Voiceover) is the best instructor I’ve had. He’s informative, professional and witty. Makes the class time fly. The exercises progressed nicely. Great practical examples from Jeff’s career. I love Jeff’s wit. Good studio experience. Jeff took the time to work with each of us at various times."

— Intermediate Voiceover Student

"His (Jeff Lupetin, Instructor - Intermediate Voiceover) examples are great, very informative. Three hours went by fast. I like his positive attitude and talent. Very funny!"

— Intermediate Voiceover Student

"Linda (Linda Gillum, Instructor - Level 1 Introduction to Shurtleff) did a great job. Nice way about her and positive and healthy approach overall. Just the right balance for beginner group and range of ages, talent, etc. I think the orientation by Kurt is a great introduction and the more that people experience it the more it helps to promote the studio and have people join classes."

— Level 1 Student

"Adrianne (Adrianne Cury, Instructor - Audition and Rehearsal Prep) did a fantastic job of getting us to know each other and feel comfortable working with anyone in the class. That is so RARE!"

— Audition and Rehearsal Prep student

"This class exceeded expectations and Adrianne (Adrianne Cury, Instructor - Audition and Rehearsal Prep) fostered incredible growth in all the students."

— Audition and Rehearsal Prep student

"Our instructor (Norm Boucher, Instructor- Beginning Voiceover) was almost instantly adapting to all of our levels and needs as we took turns reading. He not only had a keen sense of everyone’s personality traits and was able to help everyone at any of their individual levels. As a green beginner, I was so nervous starting this class. Thanks to the great staff and instructor I was not only comfortable to take risks by my second class, but by the end of the 8 weeks I’m so sad it’s over! I feel this class was well thought out. This class had a plan, a goal. A focus and yet felt spontaneous at the same time."

— Naomi Higa

"Jennie (Jennie Moreau, Instructor - Level 2 Shurtleff to Scene) has a fantastic ability to turn every moment into a lesson and fantastic ability to adjust to each student. I walked out of each class with buckets full of new knowledge and an eagerness to empty them and apply my new skills."

— Sierra Lynne Schnack

"Christina (Christina Gorman, Instructor - Stage Combat) was all over keeping us safe and showing us how to improve. She was so encouraging and did a great job at creating a safe and fun atmosphere."

— Angela Rak

Look Who's Working!


ASC faculty member Sarafina Vecchio booked a voice over for a 10 episode narrative podcast.