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Word-of-Mouth is our best advertisement. Check out what our students have to say about ASC! 


Spenser (Davis) did a fantastic job with this class! With every topic, class discussion, and scene feedback session, he took the time to understand our own experiences and build upon them from his own wealth of knowledge. I feel far more prepared to jump into new work with the tools and insight gained from this class. There isn’t a component I didn’t like. From our first class where we broke down different theories, to Q&A sessions with guest speakers. I really enjoyed it! (Attacking New Work Master Class)

— Kade Cox

I really enjoyed the mock/troubleshooting session on Source Connect with Dave. This was invaluable. And the manifestation exercise with the 5-year plan was lovely with Sarafina. Loved Deb's positivity and accountability throughout. Would not change a thing. ~ Summer 2022 Student.

— ASC VO Student

The Chicago TV Tune Up Workshop with Matt Miller is excellent! Lots of good information. Matt is a pro and it shows. The class was a good make up of actors and we fine tuned our skills and had some laughs too! I had a Chicago Med audition due the day after the 2nd day of the workshop and booked it! I've submitted a ton of them without success but boom! Hmmm...I'm just saying...It's a great workshop!

— Lucinda Johnston

I really enjoyed the workshop, and I learned a lot. It was really informative to hear from Dawn Gray's perspective. We had time to dive deep into both acting practice and a separate industry discussion, but then use everything we learned for a final run-through of performances at the end. I would absolutely take it again!

— Alexandra Healy

I took On-Camera 2 w/ Coburn Goss and left the class feeling more confident about acting on camera. I enjoyed listening to the feedback given to students and seeing how we all progressed throughout the 8-week course. Highly recommended! 

— Cayge Clements

I enjoyed my Dialects class with Kate DeVore; it was eye-opening to learn about the small details that change between dialects. She created a space that encourages play and mistakes to move our mouths and voice in this new way.  I also appreciated the direct approach when I wasn't hitting the mark. Kate's a wonderful teacher and someone who I hope to work with again.

— Meradi Ramirez

If you're fortunate enough to get into the Masters Scene Study class, I HIGHLY recommend you go for it. It's by far one of the best classes to take in the Chicagoland area. I'd even say it's the best in the Midwest. Nothing sharpens your skills like this 8-week Masters challenge, and Christy Arington is the best! All the directors chosen for this class are amazing! I highly recommend this class to "master" your craft.

— Justin Mobley

Jennie (Moreau, Level 2) was so amazing at creating a comfy yet productive environment. 

— Karli Scott

Norm Boucher's Beginning Voiceover Class far exceeded my expectations. Norm coached us on technique, interpretation, and on what to expect and how to perform in auditions and recording sessions. He provided a broad range of valuable examples, insights, and resources in the field. Norm's a positive taskmaster with a great sense of humor. If you want to discover whether you have potential in voiceover acting and, if so, how to start your career, take this class.

— Kevin Kivikko

I LOVE Christy’s (Arington) style and approach to tackling a scene and really digging to help you have those natural discoveries that really propel the scene and raise the stakes.

— Abe Ruiz