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Word-of-Mouth is our best advertisement. Check out what our students have to say about ASC! 


Sarafina (Vecchio) challenged us to really push our creativity and experiment with our choices in Level 3. She created a space where mistakes were opportunities for growth. I grew so much as a performer.

— Mike Cahill

I appreciated Sarafina (Vecchio's) thoughtful reviews after our scene practices. Her considerations were helpful -- allowing me to use her suggestion, yet still make my own choices during my rehearsals with my scene partner. (Level 3 Scene Study)

— Melanie Hubbard

Jessica (Dean Turner) made each class FUN and exciting. Everyone connected with the work more because of her warmups and class activities. I was shaking in front of the camera for the first class and by the 7th I was laughing in front of it. I think everyone really progressed in Camera 1 class and enjoyed rooting for one another!

— Jacqueline Remus

The best learning environment for me is one that is rich in passion and motivated by a teacher that delivers the information with humor and sincerity; this is precisely what I got in Sarafina Veccio's ShakesPlay! class. This is just what I needed. There is no doubt that Sarafina loves Shakespeare, and that love is contagious. I wanted to dip my toes in the language for the first time as a professional and break open some confidence as I look toward approaching these roles as a career choice, this is exactly what I got, and more! Loved Sarafina, loved this class!

— Natalie Elizabeth

Shade's class is one of my favorite acting classes I have ever taken. His clear and thoughtful feedback helped me to streamline my focus and work intentionally on roles outside my comfort zone. The classroom was a safe space to try new things and focus on one thing at a time...a blessing to my overactive "actor brain." My work is 10 times better.

— Hanna Beth Mitchell

I just wanted to say thank you so much for having the Summer Audition Clinic, it was amazing and I learned so much! After the showcase,  Paonessa Talent Agency reached out to me and offered me an audition. It went well and I just officially signed with them last week! ASC has helped me grow so much as an actor and I can't wait to take another class :) 

— mikayla plant

Esteban's approach feels new and unique and so needed. They acknowledge the trauma outside the classroom and give us tools for healing ourselves and others. I loved this class (Contemporary Realism)- it was truly a lesson for me in vulnerability and feeling safer in bringing myself to the art. Esteban's way of drawing us out but keeping the room a safe and exploratory space is amazing. Thank you, Esteban! 

— Caitlin Robb

The voiceover script examples were perfect. They really helped to expand my learning experience. The time spent in the CRC was priceless. (Norm Boucher's Beginning Voiceover Combo)

— John Palmisano

Kurt Naebig (Advanced Scene Study) is very good about giving feedback after each scene. He listens intently to questions and takes his time when working with each actor. He also asks the rest of the class for input on each scene, and after each turn, he asks each actor what they have learned. Each time I have finished a class with Kurt, I know I'm leaving it having grown in this craft.

— Shannon Bachelder

Shade Murray (Masters Scene Study) met each of us where we were. [He] provided specific, insightful, actionable observations and suggestions concerning our execution of scenes, [and] offered macro- level conceptual frameworks by which to understand and approach scene work.

— Mike Rogalski