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Word-of-Mouth is our best advertisement. Check out what our students have to say about ASC! 

Brian (Plocharczyk — Voiceover for the Professional Actor: Online) did an excellent job teaching the course. He provided challenging homework assignments and abundant resources for further training.

— Yvonne Sullivan

Brian (Plocharczyk — Voiceover for the Professional Actor: Online) debunked many of the techincal myths and fears surrounding Voiceover and made it feel accessible. He tackled every avenue of Voiceover and provided not only homework, but many online resources to further our studies.

— Jordan Moore

Brian (Plocharczyk — Voiceover for the Professional Actor: Online) is an amazing teacher and a really nice person. He was extremely organized and timely and provided many useful resources outside of the classroom. I thought his feedback was honest and appropriate. He really gave everyone 100% from his class prep, in class work, and in evaluating our work outside the class. He definitely went above and beyond to help us.

— Coleen Tutton

She (Janelle Snow — Advanced On Camera: Online) provided insights into the industry, self tape equipment, and thoughts on markets and grad school. She dismantled the fear associated with teacher/student dynamics and fostered an environment well suited for growth, learning, and play.

— Jordan Moore

Janelle (Snow — Advanced On Camera: Online) was excellent. She gave honest, helpful, insightful feedback. You could see the difference in classmates performances between her notes. Janelle did not pull any punches and we love her for it.

— Hannah Ruwe

She (Janelle Snow — On Camera 2 Online) made great use of the technology during my first online course, was encouraging, thought provoking, and provided links to a myriad of resources that we will need going forward. While I have enjoyed all the instructors at ASC, Janelle was truly terrific.

— Scott Schiave

Janelle (SnowOn Camera 2 Online) has a way with words, that's a given. She promotes a healthy environment that enables growth and a creative evolution that allows for an artist to get outside of themselves with an air of trust. By using positivity and a well-measured ability to provide effective constructive criticism, she empowers creatives with an experience that allowed for a definitive growth that is measurable since we began the class.

— Jordan Getty

Natalie (Duke — The Business of Audiobooks: How To Build A Successful Career In Narration: Online) has a wealth of knowledge on the ins and outs of the audiobook industry and conveyed them clearly and effectively.

— Camille Robinson

Natalie (DukeThe Business of Audiobooks: How To Build A Successful Career In Narration: Online) has an infectious, positive, and fun demeanor in class. She is kind and funny and wise in her feedback and always made us laugh and smile throughout class with her spot-on observations. She also generously shared industry knowledge as it pertains to the world of audiobooks and I 100% believe her when she says she is there for us as a sounding board or to answer questions even after class has concluded. I feel like I have met a wonderful and trusted new mentor in this field that is so unknown to me, and I am so grateful for her expertise and sharing spirit in this competitive niche of VO work.

— Laurie Carter Rose

He (Jack Bronis  Improv For Actors: Online) is great! He gave great advice and was very supportive!

— Sarah Sherwood

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