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Word-of-Mouth is our best advertisement. Check out what our students have to say about ASC! 

"This (Applied Viewpoints with Esteban Andrez Cruz) was a great class. I can honestly say that I have applied principles and skills learned here in every class I have taken since, including improv. Esteban was the best! Inspirational, supportive and challenging wrapped up in one dynamic instructor!"

— Dan Vaughn

"I loved it (Master Scene Study with Shade Murray). It felt like working during a rehearsal as opposed to just performing."

— Master Scene Study with Shade Murray Student

"Jeff (Jeff Lupetin, Instructor- Intermediate Voiceover) was awesome!  I loved his relaxed, professional energy, constructive suggestions, and good humor.  Acting Studio Chicago always has good instructors and quality classes."

— Laine Cogan

"Jeff's (Jeff Lupetin, Instructor-Intermediate Voiceover) class definitely met my expectations!  The insider information about the business was incredibly helpful.  I believe that the instructors here are helpful, and know what they're doing."

— Olivia Cuff

"Jeff (Jeff Lupetin, Instructor-Intermediate Voiceover) is very calm and very positive.  He knows the business and is a great teacher!"

— Tim Doyle

"I liked how Jeff (Jeff Lupetin, Instructor-Intermediate Voiceover) focused on working with each actor's natural voice and building on that.  It made it easier to explore and try new things!"

— Michaela Truelove

"I love Gretchen (Gretchen Sonstroem, Instructor- Level 3)!  Her feedback is on-point, insightful, and revealing.  She asks the right questions to bring out the best in our performances.  I love how she emphasizes using emotional intelligence to explore our characters.  I've only had positive experiences here and I can say I've become a better actor for it."

— Jesse Pazmino

"I loved Gretchen Sonstroem's (Level 3) class very much.  It greatly surpassed my expectations.  She was specific and knew exactly which areas I needed to work on.  I felt very safe; Gretchen often encouraged risk-taking.  Her personality and feedback really pushed me to always bring my best work to class.  I always recommend taking a class at Acting Studio Chicago."

— Selena Johnson

"Coby (Coburn Goss, Instructor- On Camera 2) provided very constructive criticism and always presented and communicated in a supportive, direct, and relatable way.  Acting Studio Chicago is wonderful and I will continue to recommend/refer several friends here!"

— Camera 2 Student

"Coby (Coburn Goss, Instructor- On Camera 2)  was very constructive and helpful.  He was great at giving direction and had a lot of patience to do multiple takes until we got it just right."

— Camera 2 Student

Look Who's Working!


Destiny Martino will be playing Nora in A Doll's House at Theatre on the Hill.