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Word-of-Mouth is our best advertisement. Check out what our students have to say about ASC! 

"I got valuable in-studio experience and thoroughly enjoyed Jeff’s (Jeff Lupetin, Instructor - Intermediate Voiceover) style. Jeff was a great balance of fun and professional. He was playful but constructive, and we still got necessary work done each class."

— Intermediate Voiceover Student

"Deb (Deb Doetzer, Instructor - Voiceover Workout with the Pros) is a real gem. She has a way of highlighting everyone’s strengths while giving them kind and gentle constructive criticism."

— Laurie Carter Rose

"Kurt’s (Kurt Naebig, Instructor - Monologue) electrifying energy has helped me become more excited about monologues in general and gets me excited to work."

— Chelsea David

"I learned as much from what Adam (Adam Belcuore, Instructor - Auditioning for Theatre) said to my classmates as I did from his personal feedback for me. He is just so so smart. I highly respect his take on actors and the audition process. --- I love it at ASC for many reasons; the faculty, the vibrant crop of actors engaged in a variety of classes, and the attention to detail and professional quality of the office staff. Well done ladies!"

— Laurie Carter Rose

"I really enjoyed her (Gretchen Sonstroem, Instructor - Level 2) teaching style, her passion for acting and people really helped me see acting as a high-level art form. She also wonderfully blended logical thought processes with complex human emotion in a way that was really intellectually stimulating. In the beginning of the session, Gretchen would constantly stop our scenes, sometimes even before the first line was uttered; this used to frustrate me until I realized she was emphasizing the level of detail required to properly analyze and perform a scene. Her passion for acting, teaching, and people is both inspiring and contagious.--- The teachers that I had here are phenomenal and helped me grow so much as a performer. They are some of the best teachers I’ve had, regardless of setting."

— Level 2 Student

"I loved working with Stephen (Stephen Cone, Instructor- Cinema Lab). What a wonderful experience divising our shorts for weeks in class. But the best was when we got to shoot our shorts. Loved it!"

— ASC Cinema Lab Student

"From day 1, I learned new things instantly. It was such a comfortable surrounding. Doug (Doug McDade, Instructor - Camera 1) really took his lessons and developed them through class, making everything understandable and easy to put onto the screen. It was such a great learning experience; I can’t wait to take more!"

— Camera 1 Student

"Jack (Jack Bronis, Instructor - Level 1 and Improv for Actors) was dope- very encouraging and challenged us to push our limits. I also appreciate how available he made himself for feedback and council. I really felt like we grew as a class in terms of taking risks."

— Kelsey McGrath

"Linda (Linda Gillum, Instructor - Level 1) was amazing, she was always calm and had a wealth of information for us."

— Danielle Schnurer

"Some of the best feedback I’ve ever gotten from a teacher. Loved how real Janelle (Janelle Snow, Instructor - Camera 2) was in discussing this business, but that she also brought a great sense of humor about everything."

— Alyson Calder

Look Who's Working!


ASC faculty member Sarafina Vecchio booked a voice over for a 10 episode narrative podcast.