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Word-of-Mouth is our best advertisement. Check out what our students have to say about ASC! 

"Kate (Kate DeVore, Instructor- Dialects) was a great instructor- I appreciated her approach to dialects and definitely feel like I learned new skills." 

— Dialects Student

"I have always studied the stage so this was a great opportunity to work with the camera. It was excellent to have a casting director instructing the class." (​Matt Miller, Instructor- Comedic Pilot Workshop)

— Comedic Pilot Workshop Student

"Kurt (Kurt Naebig, Instructor- Advanced Scene Studyhas the uncanny ability to steer you in unexpected and exciting directions with just a few words of guidance."

— Bryn Packard

"Matt gives a very different perspective on the audition process as a whole, especially a look inside the minds of casting directors.I really got a lot out of this class. Wish I had taken it sooner!" (Matt Miller, Instructor- Comedic Pilot Workshop)

— Tricia Bjornson

"I have truly enjoyed working with Adrianne Cury. I have been in two of her classes, Audition and Rehearsal Prep and Level 4 Rehearsal to Performance. Adrianne is a master at finding the right character and scenes to match each student. Her feedback and guidance is very insightful and tailored to each student's needs. I can't say enough good things about her abilities, teaching methods, and the way she manages her classes."

— Perry Georgopoulos

"I loved that each class was packed with copy to read.  Best parts of the class are getting to do the thing and I'm glad we spent the majority of the class doing that." (Jeff Lupetin, Instructor- Intermediate Voiceover

— Alex Pagels

"I think he (Coburn Goss, Instructor -  On Camera 2) was very supportive and understanding.  But also not afraid to make us keep trying until we reach something we're both happy with."

— Camera 2 Student

"I really appreciated how he (Coburn Goss, Instructor  -  On Camera 2) really keyed in on each individual's strengths and weaknesses and helped everyone on a personal level."

— Angela Rak

"I really enjoy Gretchen's (Gretchen Sonstroem, Instructor - Level 2 Shurtleff to Scene) no-nonsense approach."

— Jeff Smith

"I thought Gretchen (Gretchen Sonstroem, Instructor - Level 2 Shurtleff to Scene) was amazing!  She really gave me more insight into myself and my craft.  She was so much fun!"

— Level 2 Student

Look Who's Working!


ASC alum, Laurie Carter Rose booked a guest-star role on NBC's Chicago Med, and will also be playing Robyn in Citadel Theatre's production of The Roommate opening February 1st- March 3rd.