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Word-of-Mouth is our best advertisement. Check out what our students have to say about ASC! 

I love his (Kurt Naebig - Monologue Online) style of feedback. He tells you if something needs to change or would be stronger another way, but it's all done and said in the most supportive and encouraging way.

— Emily Robinson-Dykstra

Brian (Plocharczyk - Voiceover for the Professional Actor Online) did an EXCELLENT job during in-person classes and transitioning over to virtual learning. He was always there for us and very knowledgable. His knowledge of Zoom and use of it really moved the class forward. Very smooth.

— Quinn Kelch

He (Charles Andrew Gardner - On Camera 2 Online) made sure that everyone in class got time in front of the camera, gave good feedback, and opportunities to apply that feedback. He spread his time to each student very well.

— Reagan James

Doug (McDade - On Camera 1 Online) always hit such a tricky balance of giving honest feedback but doing so in a way that was encouraging and provided a healthy, fun class environment. I've learned more from him in this class that went above and beyond my expectations.

— Alexandria Ross

Brian (Plocharczyk - On Camera Intro Online) provides feedback in a caring and matter of fact way. He's able to convey and apply his industry knowledge in how he instructs as well as when providing feedback. It was evident that he spent a lot of time getting familiar with the technology which really helped with our transition from in-person to online.

— Valerie Butler-Newbern

I think Adrianne's(Cury-Level III Online) critiques were always specific and helped make the scene better. Even if I didn't understand the first few times what a critique meant, I was able to keep trying different things and I was reminded of the critique so that when it was successful, it was satisfying. I also really REALLY appreciated receiving written feedback on our scene breakdowns. I feel like it's a really great opportunity to see how your personal interpretation and understanding of a scene/character and the guideposts compares to the instructor's. I felt like that really helped my understanding of how the technique is applied which then informed how I did future scene breakdowns. I also felt like Adrianne really enjoyed teaching. She always came in with great energy even when we were nervous.

— James Mueller

Sarafina (Vecchio — Level 2: Shurtleff to Scene: Online) was high energy, encouraging, supportive and explained the ideas well. I like how feedback that she would give to a scene would actually apply to all of us

— David Quach

As an intro class, I really enjoyed that things were kept simple. There wasn't any big pressure other than just show up, prepare a little for scene work, engage and have fun. I'm not sure if it was Danny's (Taylor- Level I Online) intention, but I feel like this intro class was more about connecting with people, rather than straight up acting, although there was plenty of scene work. And I get a sense from his descriptions of the industry that connecting might be just as if not more important than skill. I thoroughly enjoyed the class and am glad I stayed with it when things moved online. Danny has a knack for engaging people on an emotional level

— Nick Hu

Danny (Taylor- Level 1 Online) is a treasure. He created a fun yet supportive atmosphere from the very beginning. He established a big level of trust from day one. He taught us that often failure leads to becoming better and to embrace when we fail and see what we can learn from it. Even when critique was needed, Danny did in it a positive way and always found something about everyone's performance to praise. THAT is the sign of a great teacher, encouraging yet not shy to provide assistance in a positive way. His ability to adapt the course to still make it enjoyable in an online environment I think speaks volumes to his creativity and dedication to his students. While I would have preferred class to be in person as I feel like I missed learning how to move on stage, I am glad that I kept on with the online version. It was the highlight of my week

— Jon Kadus

(Jack Bronis-Level I online)  was thoughtful, sensitive, and yet truthful in his advice.  He never got annoyed with anybody’s challenges, and handled a case of stubbornness with the grace of a ballerina.  He’s where he needs to be in a fluid way that comes off as natural.

— Michael Hill

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